How to get your cat comfortable with new faces and crowds

Cats are notoriously known for being curious creatures, poking their noses in where they shouldn’t and popping to the neighbours for a spot of afternoon tea. But not all of our little floofs are blessed with such a courageous nature. Speaking from experience as the pet parent of our glorious Chief Taster, Rue – IContinue reading “How to get your cat comfortable with new faces and crowds”

Plastic free July – why the environment is such a big deal to us

It’s no secret that as a human race, we are slowly and sadly destroying our beautiful mother Earth. And unfortunately, due to the humans deciding that cats are quite simply the cutest beings on this very planet, who must be protected at all costs inside their homes, cats too are contributing to the problem simplyContinue reading “Plastic free July – why the environment is such a big deal to us”

How to help with cat weight loss

and helping move your moggies from couch to 5k in the healthiest way We’re working on something really special in the Republic for our citizens who are a little on the chunkier side – the Cuddly Cats Club. Designed specifically to give those cats on a weight loss mission some support within our fabulous community,Continue reading “How to help with cat weight loss”

NEWS : Republic Reassurance over cat food concerns

Source :  Yesterday cat owners across the land will have been plagued with worry over the breaking news of both Sainsburys and Pets at Home recalling some of their products, due to a potential link with a deadly feline disease. These superstores, alongside Applaws cat food sold on Amazon, have pulled dry food productsContinue reading “NEWS : Republic Reassurance over cat food concerns”

Does the Moon affect my cat’s behaviour?

It’s not uncommon to hear humans blaming their circumstances and behaviour on the phase of the moon, or mercury being in retrograde, but we wondered whether this could also be applied to cats? Often seen as spiritual beings with a greatness most of us will never be worthy of, we decided to do a littleContinue reading “Does the Moon affect my cat’s behaviour?”

Are cat’s truly the masters of self-care?

We’ve all learnt in recent years that self-care should be one of our top priorities to lead a happy and fulfilled life. In the 9-5, fast-paced world we’re used to, taking a little time for one’s self can often be overlooked, but self-care is now one of the most talked about topics of the millennialContinue reading “Are cat’s truly the masters of self-care?”

A Letter for Larry

10 Downing StreetWestminsterLondonSW1A 2AA Dear Mr Johnson, We hope this letter finds you well. We are writing today from our fair Republic with great concern for one of our own, residing within your establishment.  Although we understand there may be some very pressing issues at hand right now, talk of a ‘Global Pandemic’ that hasContinue reading “A Letter for Larry”

The Glow Up Series, Episode 8 : The Health Conditions we’re just not ready for yet

So far in the Glow Up Series we’ve discussed Skin & Coat, Teeth & Gums and even Hairballs amongst others, all itches that we can/maybe help scratch in the Republic. We thought it was about time we touched on some of the issues we are not quite yet equipped to handle, and speak about someContinue reading “The Glow Up Series, Episode 8 : The Health Conditions we’re just not ready for yet”

The Glow Up Series, Episode 7 : The Maybe’s

So you’ve heard about all the things we can help with so far, but what about those in between issues that fall into the maybe category for your cats? There are certain types of health conditions our four legged pals may be dealing with that the Republic can still provide for. It totally varies fromContinue reading “The Glow Up Series, Episode 7 : The Maybe’s”

The Glow Up Series, Episode 5 : Can the Republic help with your cat’s Joints & Mobility?

Just like humans, our cats can suffer with joint and mobility issues throughout their 9 lives, especially in their more senior years. This is of course something we really wanted to be able to help with, so Cat Nutritionist Ele made sure to design some recipes specifically to help those felines who struggle a littleContinue reading “The Glow Up Series, Episode 5 : Can the Republic help with your cat’s Joints & Mobility?”