Finding the best option for your cat whilst you vacay

You’re double jabbed, the green list is growing, it’s time to cram in that last minute Summer 2021 trip we’ve all been craving, but then the guilt hits. What do I do with the cat?! We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who have left cat care off the list when planning a vacay, only to have the sheer panic set in as the jet setting date approaches wondering why on earth you didn’t think about poor Luna sooner. Luckily we live in the 21st century, and kitty sitters are available at the tap of a button on yourContinue reading “Finding the best option for your cat whilst you vacay”

Debunking the subscription trap myth with Republic of Cats

It’s no secret that subscription services have boomed in popularity, especially in recent years, with the ease of delivery to your door making so many of life’s necessities that little bit easier to manage. From laundry detergent, beauty products, toilet roll and even cat food, it seems almost anything can be subscribed to arrive on schedule, as and when you require, at the click of a button. Despite this being a total game changer during lockdowns, where getting your goods from the local shops got that bit more difficult, many of us still struggle with commitment issues over fears ofContinue reading “Debunking the subscription trap myth with Republic of Cats”

How to get your cat comfortable with new faces and crowds

Cats are notoriously known for being curious creatures, poking their noses in where they shouldn’t and popping to the neighbours for a spot of afternoon tea. But not all of our little floofs are blessed with such a courageous nature. Speaking from experience as the pet parent of our glorious Chief Taster, Rue – I know first hand how having a less confident kitty can prove tricky when it comes to social gatherings and new faces.  Many cats can be fearful of strangers and larger groups of people for all kinds of different reasons. Sometimes a lack of socialisation aroundContinue reading “How to get your cat comfortable with new faces and crowds”

Plastic free July – why the environment is such a big deal to us

It’s no secret that as a human race, we are slowly and sadly destroying our beautiful mother Earth. And unfortunately, due to the humans deciding that cats are quite simply the cutest beings on this very planet, who must be protected at all costs inside their homes, cats too are contributing to the problem simply by being served dinner. The recent pandemic outbreak and subsequent lockdowns have led to a sharp rise in pet ownership nationwide, which also means a huge boost to the pet food industry, currently worth over £2.9 billion. But how many of these leading pet foodContinue reading “Plastic free July – why the environment is such a big deal to us”

How to help with cat weight loss

and helping move your moggies from couch to 5k in the healthiest way We’re working on something really special in the Republic for our citizens who are a little on the chunkier side – the Cuddly Cats Club. Designed specifically to give those cats on a weight loss mission some support within our fabulous community, with exercise tips and motivation to get those felines, streamline.  But for those without access to the VIP club, we thought we’d chat some more about it here on the Republic blog, to give you some awesome tips to help your curvy kittens reach theContinue reading “How to help with cat weight loss”

PRIDE SPECIAL: Can cats be queer?

Pride month is upon us, and the Republic is most certainly flying the rainbow flag high. With all love being celebrated loud and proud, we started to wonder whether it was possible that cats could be gay too? A google search would suggest plenty of people certainly think so , but let’s look at some science. With there being so much research progression into human gender and sexuality, opening our minds to the possibility of our pets being queer doesn’t seem like such an unrealistic idea. Sure, animals are led by instinct for the most part, but over decades ofContinue reading “PRIDE SPECIAL: Can cats be queer?”

Why the box rocks?

The long standing love affair between cats and cardboard boxes really is no secret. How many times have you returned home in a hurry, anxious with that new toy excitement, ready to present your latest offering that you spent far too much money on for your feline. Only for the new scratching post or macrame cat hammock to be totally ignored in favour of ye old faithful cardboard packaging. Eye roll. We know the feeling all too well, but what is it that really drives this obsession and why, in cats’ opinions, does the box rock? Seemingly no matter howContinue reading “Why the box rocks?”

NEWS : Republic Reassurance over cat food concerns

UPDATE 02/09/21: We’re always all over any cat news, and the news around Pancytopenia has been no different. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the proceedings regarding the cat food recall. Last week, the FSA delivered their latest update; their testing has not been able to definitively determine a cause.  Initial word on the street (official scientific hypothesis) was that mycotoxins themselves were unsafe for cats. That’s not always the case – “the mere presence of mycotoxins in cat food does not necessarily pose a risk to cats. Mycotoxins are naturally occurring substances produced by certain types of mouldsContinue reading “NEWS : Republic Reassurance over cat food concerns”

Does the Moon affect my cat’s behaviour?

It’s not uncommon to hear humans blaming their circumstances and behaviour on the phase of the moon, or mercury being in retrograde, but we wondered whether this could also be applied to cats? Often seen as spiritual beings with a greatness most of us will never be worthy of, we decided to do a little digging to see how connected our favourite felines really are to our solar system, and whether it could explain any of their unpredictable actions and seemingly sporadic mood swings. The word ‘lunacy’ originates from ‘luna’ meaning moon, which interestingly is one of the most popularContinue reading “Does the Moon affect my cat’s behaviour?”

Cat TV, good or bad for your furry housemate?

A recent discovery in Republic HQ is that of cat television and entertainment. With many of us working from home and staring at a screen for the best part of 8 hours a day, we turned to options that could keep our kittens entertained, especially those that are of the indoor persuasion. Many city dwellers don’t have the luxury of a garden or even access to large windows for outside world observation, so we took to the internet and did our best googling to find some entertaining options for our felines. With endless streaming possibilities for the humans, we foundContinue reading “Cat TV, good or bad for your furry housemate?”


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