Does the Moon affect my cat’s behaviour?

It’s not uncommon to hear humans blaming their circumstances and behaviour on the phase of the moon, or mercury being in retrograde, but we wondered whether this could also be applied to cats? Often seen as spiritual beings with a greatness most of us will never be worthy of, we decided to do a littleContinue reading “Does the Moon affect my cat’s behaviour?”

Cat TV, good or bad for your furry housemate?

A recent discovery in Republic HQ is that of cat television and entertainment. With many of us working from home and staring at a screen for the best part of 8 hours a day, we turned to options that could keep our kittens entertained, especially those that are of the indoor persuasion. Many city dwellersContinue reading “Cat TV, good or bad for your furry housemate?”

How to throw a party for your cat

With June 21st almost in touching distance now, many of us will be planning ahead and throwing all the parties we couldn’t throw during a global pandemic. But it isn’t just the humans who’ve missed out on mingling, our cats haven’t been able to party either! So what better excuse than the end of aContinue reading “How to throw a party for your cat”

Can cats fall in love?

It’s a question that you’ve maybe never really thought about as an owner. But here in the Republic, we’ve let our imagination run wild with thoughts of cat love stories this week and we started to wonder whether cats can indeed fall in love with their human parents, other cats or maybe even another animalContinue reading “Can cats fall in love?”

What do our cats really think of us?

Cats can be difficult to read at the best of times, but with them outnumbering dogs 3 to 1 across the globe, more than enough of us are clearly won over by their aloofly charming ways. We want to know what they really think about us in their little furry brains. When we look atContinue reading “What do our cats really think of us?”

Summer’s coming, should you shave your cat?

With the end of lockdown fast approaching, and temperatures set to rise for the long awaited summer of 2021, yesterday saw many hairdressers opening their doors once again, to get the masses looking fresh for the months of fun to come. And that got us thinking, if last year’s heatwave was anything to go by,Continue reading “Summer’s coming, should you shave your cat?”

The last cat food you’ll ever need

With so many new citizens making their way over our borders, we thought we’d delve a little deeper into how switching to Republic of Cats and sticking with it consistently over your cat’s entire lifetime plays out. The Republic is so much more than just a really good deal on your initial 2 week TasterContinue reading “The last cat food you’ll ever need”

How to help your cat adjust to normal life post lockdown

With the lifting of lockdown just around the corner, the humans can’t contain their excitement with the prospect of many a pint in a chilly pub garden so close we can almost taste it. However, we have a sneaky feeling that our cats might not be so thrilled about the impending decrease in owner time,Continue reading “How to help your cat adjust to normal life post lockdown”

How to have a safe Easter with your cat

With the Easter break just around the corner, many of us have already made plans for garden gatherings and egg hunts aplenty over the long weekend. But it got us thinking about our favourite four-legged friends, and how we can be sure to have the most cat-safe, pet-friendly Easter holidays. It may not be theContinue reading “How to have a safe Easter with your cat”

NEWS JUST IN : How the Republic has your back in the National Pet Food Shortage

This is Lois reporting live from Republic of Cats,  where we’ve had some very important news just in that the UK could be facing yet another national crisis – a shortage of pet food!  With pet ownership on the increase, and the number of our citizens rising every day, this certainly isn’t music to anyContinue reading “NEWS JUST IN : How the Republic has your back in the National Pet Food Shortage”