How to keep your cat the coolest on the block in summer

Top tips to keep your cat safe in the sunshine

With this summer being one of the hottest on record, and even toastier summers seeming to be the onward trend, it’s the fluffy ones we cat people think of first. We’re sweating before we’ve even ordered our first iced latte of the day, so honestly, how the fluff bags are coping in a full fur coat we’ll never know. But cats being cats, they do seem to take the sun in their stride, basking out no matter the temperature.

Unsurprisingly, a whopping 70% of you said your cats opt to venture outside more so in the summer. Sneaking out for a snooze in the sunshine is top of the list for most of our fur friends, but making sure they do so safely is essential. Most respondents noticed their kitties taking more regular refreshment breaks at their water bowls, so keeping fresh water topped up and available at all times is a must all year round, but especially in the summer heat.

Though they have been spotted taking extra licks from the hydration station, our little ones seem to prefer a liquid lunch over the summer (don’t we all), with 58% of you noticing a change in dinnertime habits. A good tip to ensure they’re eating enough as well as keeping water levels tip top is to consider feeding more wet food through the summer. Other responses mentioned adding extra water stations around your house and outside, as well as creating some homemade frozen snacks to add to your cat’s food bowl and entice them to eat.

Next up: those full fur coats we mentioned earlier. 83% of you noticed a whole lot more shedding in the summer, and cat hair really does get everywhere. Keeping on top of brushing and grooming on the daily is a top way of keeping stray hairs at bay, and your furballs cool. Most of you haven’t considered (91.5%) have never considered shaving your cats to keep them cool (phew!). We certainly would so this is a no-go, especially as cat fur actually helps to trap cooler air against their skin. Mind. Blown.

Surprisingly, only around 33% of you have tried cool mats in the summer. Cooling mats are a super simple way to help them chill. They help disperse heat from your cat’s body and stop them from getting all hot and bothered after intense sunbathing stints.

Talking of sunbathing, did you know cat-safe sunscreen can help with sunny snoozes? Only 27% mentioned having heard of it before, with just 3% having actually tried it!  Whilst it may seem ridiculous to apply SPF to your favourite feline, too much sun exposure to these areas with no protection can lead to serious skin problems, so think of the greater good whilst avoiding the unimpressed claws.

Our favourite stat from our summer survey was knowing that the majority of your kittens (62.3%) stay super happy all year round, whatever the weather. As responsible cat parents, we’ve got to keep up our end of the deal and make sure it stays that way, providing our pampered pals with all the tools we can to ensure they’re living their best lives at all times – winter, spring, summer or fall.

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