Our favourite cat people and why we love them

Here in the Republic, our favourite past time is scrolling through endless cat pics on the internet and finding our new favourite cat people. We got together a list of some of our absolute faves and why, so you can get to know them and give them a follow to brighten up your feed and share the love and positivity that cats bring to people in all walks of life. Enjoy!

Sam Thompson & Albus and Cedric – Our favourite chelsea boy(s)

@samthompsonuk , @albusandcedric

Sam Thompson rose to fame on the reality TV show Made in Chelsea. The popular posh boy has won over the nation with his sense of humour not just on TV but more recently on social media and especially TikTok. In December last year, Sam became a cat parent to little Albus and not too much longer after, Cedric arrived too. Two adorable little ragdoll kittens with a pretty huge 33.7K following (and growing), they’re the new cat influencer in town and we love watching them grow. Hopefully when these little guys turn 1 year old we’ll be welcoming them into the Republic to sample our wonderful recipes. 


Tayce & Patricia – Our favourite drag queen


Tayce is one of our all time favourite drag queens from legendary Series 2 of Ru paul’s Drag Race UK – if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. Tayce was runner up on the show and went on to tour around the UK. Gaining a huge following on Instagram, Tayce’s cat Patricia makes regular appearances and we love to see her, proving that ‘Cat Lady’s’ truly are nothing but fabulous.


House of Whimsy and Whiskers & 9 Kitties – Our favourite interiors


If cats and interiors are your perfect combo, then you have to check out the wonderful world of House of Whimsy and Whiskers. A beautiful home interior Instagram account, home to 9 (yes, 9!) glorious feline fur babies – Napoleon, Boo, Drago, Belle, Theodore, Tink, Mickey, Thorin and Zeus. Absolute heaven if you’re a fan of fabulous tiling, lots of colour, decor inspo and plenty of cats – you have to give them a follow. We can only dream of living in a home that looks as good as this and sharing it with nine furry housemates.


Ricky Gervais & Pickle – Our favourite funny man 


The ultimate A-list animal ambassador. Not only famous for his funny one liners and cult Netflix series After Life, Ricky Gervais is loud and proud about his advocacy for animal rights and has used his fame to support efforts to end trophy hunting and animal testing among other campaigns. An ambassador for the animal charity PDSA, he decided to foster a cat named Pickle during lockdown but of course fell in love pretty quickly. Pickle is now a permanent resident of the Gervais household. A portrait of Pickle even raised £3000 at auction for Hackney based charity Feline Friends London. We hope a few more celebs take a leaf out of Ricky’s book and use their platform to help animals in need.


Carla & Bramble – Our favourite DIY hacks

Carla built up a big following over on the ’gram with her home feed filled with colourful interiors, DIY hacks and cat content – our favourite combo. Bramble is her rescue cat and features regularly on the grid lounging about her beautiful home. Our fave hack from Carla was turning a simple IKEA unit into a super chic cat cupboard/litter tray storage cupboard with sneaky cat-sized access, genius! Follow them for home inspo on gallery walls and how to style your shelves for an injection of colour and some seriously cute cat pics of Bramble.


Lissi, Wilbur & Walter – Our favourite Upcycler


Lissi is one of the lucky ones, living with not one but two furballs named Walter and Wilbur. The most beautiful cats to compliment her colourful, crafty home. We love following for upcycling tips and tricks on altering clothes at home. A self confessed crazy cat lady, Lissi is definitely one of our people and we love seeing her cats at home surrounded by all the colour and fabulous decor. What luxurious little cat lives they live.


Vionna, Mi & Ding – Our favourite Plant lady


Plants and cats are a pretty dreamy combo, as long as those plants are pet safe. Vionna’s indoor jungle is beyond impressive, and pair that with plenty of cat content and you basically have the perfect Instagram account. A great place to be for plant parenting tips and home decor, Feline Jungle even has an online store where you can purchase adorable prints, pins and more. 100+ plants, two fur babies and plenty of art to make for a supremely zen scrolling experience.


We’re always ready to get to know more fabulous cat people, so we’d love to here from you about yours! Share your favourite cat people to follow in our Facebook Community, so we can spend even more time staring at cats on the internet.

The Republic x

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By Lois Roberts

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