Cat ownership on a budget

As the news likes to tell us daily, the cost of living is on the rise, and that can be a little unnerving, especially when you have furry little mouths to feed. With energy bills on the increase, and the cost of getting by each day becoming downright ridiculous, budgeting, though a little boring, certainly does seem like the way forward. Don’t worry Martin Lewis, we’re not coming for you… (yet)! 


But as is the way with most things, which you quickly realise after getting a furry friend, the cats will always come first. We know you all want the best for those cute little guys, so planning how you spend the pounds month to month to ensure they are living their best kitty lives is key. Of course you’ll still want to spoil them rotten, and that’s exactly what they deserve, but there are a few smart ways to ensure they live like the royalty they are, without needing to remortgage your house. Check out our hacks for tip top cat ownership on a budget:


  1. Regular vet checks

    Now we know, vets cost money, and obviously there’s no way around this one without swiping the card. But ensuring Mittens doesn’t miss a checkup is a key to keeping them healthy and safe, and avoids running up larger bills later down the line. Annual check ups and booster shots will keep their immune system fighting fit, monthly flea & worm treatments will keep parasites at bay (you can hit up our flea concierge for these at [email protected]) and maintaining a great relationship with your vet and your pet will give you the best chance at keeping your worries and your wallet away.


    2. Close cat friends

    Sure we all have cat friends, but creating a close knit circle of people you trust around your furchild really can save you the coins. Cat care, catteries and pet sitters can leave you forking out quite the cash load when planning a trip away from home, so being able to cut out this cost and leave your cat with your responsible besties is a great way to save some pennies. Especially if you have those friends who are desperate for a little furball themselves, but just not in the position to commit. We see it as a win-win situation. You get to save some money safe in the knowledge your cat is being spoiled and fussed by someone you trust, and your friends get all the cat cuddles they could wish for. We’re sold.


    3. Turn trash into toys

    Buying and spending your money on cute little toys and enrichment activities for your cat really can be quite hit and miss. A prime example, I recently splashed out on a Cat Grass kit for Queen Rue, nurtured the seedlings and grew her some cat grass and upon presentation, said cat grass was met with a squint and a swift return to snoozing. So if we’re looking to be a little more frugal with where and what we spend on the little guys, why not get a little more creative when it comes down to toys and recycle some of your household rubbish that would otherwise end up in the bin. Toilet roll tubes or water bottles filled with treats to make puzzle feeders or even scrunched up paper or foil can be moulded into perfect little chasing balls. We all know cats prefer the laundry pile to any actual beds we purchase, so before you throw out old clothes, stop and consider if these could be repurposed to make a new cosy cat bed for your favourite fuzzball. All it takes is a little imagination to provide hours of fun, Rue’s most recent highlight was playing with a cooked green bean for an entire evening.. anything can be a toy to a cat, so don’t feel the need to fork out on the most expensive gadgets to keep the fluffy ones entertained.


    4. Dry food only

    If your citizen isn’t too fussy when it comes to their food and will be pretty pleased as long as their bowl is filled, then opting for a dry food only plan for your kitty could be a great way to save some pennies but still provide them with top quality nutrition. Our dry food blends are still individually tailored to their specific needs, and follow a feeding plan to hit those health goals and provide perfect portions. Cats can still thrive on a dry food only diet, and although wet and dry food is a winning combo in our eyes, sticking strictly to the kibbles can be a much more purse friendly option for those of us on a budget. Your cat will still be getting their nutritional needs met whilst cronching through the good stuff, and you can rest a little easier knowing they’ll still receive their adorable Republic recipes to the door each month (complete with personalised feeding plan and adorable packaging) at a much more achievable price point that won’t break the bank. Just don’t forget, without wet food your cat will be missing out on that extra boost of hydration so it’s important they’re getting enough water from elsewhere. Kibbles are also great for filling food puzzles and brain training toys, so can be an extra fun way to feed them their dinner. Read more about the benefits of dry food feeding here. 


    5. Invest in Insurance

    Investing a good, reliable and recommended insurance from the very start of your cat parenting journey is essential to cover your back should anything go awry. Like we said before, vet bills ain’t cheap, so knowing you have the safety net of insurance to fall back on from just a small investment each month really will take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to your cat’s health and your own wealth. We hate thinking the worst, but should your cute companion ever need something more than their annual checkup, insurance policies are there to take some of the heat and not leave you stranded with an unsightly vet bill. That little extra cost each month could save you hundreds or pounds in the long run, especially when our cats get to their OAP (Old Age Pussycat) stage in life and may require long term medications or support. It’s always worth budgeting for a good pet insurance to keep your purry one safe.

Before taking on the huge responsibility of a furry claw child, it really is important to consider all of the wants and needs of a cat, through all of their life stages (and indeed all 9 lives) before committing to giving one a home. Our pets do set us back when it comes to spending, but of course it’s always worth it in our eyes! The love you get back in return is all the reward we need, and the cats will always come first in our homes. Just make sure you’re ready to cover the costs of your floofy little friend before making the big decision to bring them home, you’re with them till the end so make it worth every penny for you and for them. 

The Republic x

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By Lois Roberts


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