How we cater to senior cats

When we built the Republic, we really wanted to create a cat food company that could cater to as many cats as possible. Every cat is our cat. And that means including our glorious senior cats in our plans. Those that have lived through the most of their 9 lives and are still thriving deserve the best after all. 

We can cater specifically to our more senior citizens by ensuring all the ingredients that make it into their boxes are suitable to their specific stage in life. Our OAP’s (or old age pussycats) might still have a spring in their step and activate the zoomies on the daily, and although they are seemingly ageless wonders, their needs will change through their lifespan and this is super important when it comes to what goes in their bowls.

Once our cats edge closer to their retirement years, maintaining a healthy body weight and keeping energy levels on point are the main focus, as well as keeping a good balance in their diet so your cat can continue to live their best life right through the wonder years. 

At Republic of Cats, we take it a step further and divide our vintage moggies into two categories, Mature and Senior. Let’s talk you through exactly what it is we pack up their boxes with each month in order for them to grow old gracefully.

Mature – like a fine wine, our 7-11 year old chums

During this time of their life, cats tend to gain weight a little more easily (we can relate) so it is important to provide a dry blend of kibbles with the perfect energy density and calories, as well as exact portion sizes for your cat. Feeding through the Republic will ensure both of these are precisely perfect for your little one, but as a responsible cat human, it’s essential to regularly check your fur potato’s form to ensure that they are still in ideal condition and tip top shape. If not, then our very own cat nutritionist can review their full diet plan and make some suggestions as to what can be tweaked to keep them looking sleek – now that’s quality service. 


Senior – the wonder years, kitties aged 11 years plus 

Once cats reach the retirement stage of their lives, they actually tend to go the opposite way to maturity and start losing weight. This is often due to their digestive system being a little less efficient than it was back in the day, maybe losing some teeth and being less active than their former selves, zoomies aren’t so common past the 11th birthday for most of our grandcats. 

In the Republic, like through every life stage, we take this into account and up their daily calories by 10%, to ensure that they still receive the right amount of nutrients. A more calorie dense blend that’s a little softer on the palate, and maybe not so big in quantity is perfect for the oldies to still enjoy at mealtimes, teeth or no teeth.


The food we use to cater for both these wonderful stages in their precious golden age has the right amount of nutrients to keep them fighting fit throughout every one of their 9 lives. We do the work so you don’t have to and ensure their delicious recipes contain all the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy, day in day out.  


Keeping your old age cats comfortable and healthy is key to ensuring they live a long and happy life, curled up and snoozing in their favourite spot. The right ingredients and portion size are essential to prolong those purrs and keep your housemate as agile in both mind and body as they have always been. We take all of this into account when you sign up and give us every ounce of info you can on your favourite feline, so we can tailor their feeding plan and keep them flourishing, just as they deserve to, in their later life stages.  

It’s no secret we love a cat pic, so if your citizen is a little further along their life journey and is one of our cherished OAP’s, we’d love to see them thriving with their Republic recipes, so tag us in their pictures on Instagram or drop some cute cat content in our Facebook Community, we know our members would love to see each and every one of them.

The Republic x

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By Lois Roberts

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