A Sustainability Guide for 2022

We’re not ones to take all the glory when it comes to sustainability, so we thought we’d shout out some other pretty awesome companies who are also doing great things, paving the way for a better planet and inspiring the Republic right now:


  1. Innocent Drinks‘Their drinks are delicious but also good for the planet. The company buys fruit for its smoothies through the Rainforest Alliance, which works with farmers to conserve the land’s biodiversity and protect farmworkers’ rights. Innocent has also been incorporating recycled plastic in its packaging since 2003 and gives 10% of its annual profits to charity.’

  2. Daye – ​​‘Daye tampons are made of 100% organic cotton, they’re biodegradable in standard landfill conditions, and they’re also compostable. If you feel like home-composting your used tampons, go for it! If not, at the very least you can rest easy knowing that – in standard landfill conditions – Daye tampons biodegrade within 12 weeks.’

  3. Allplants‘Switching to plant-based eating is a dramatic way to reduce your environmental impact – and allplants has made it its mission to make doing so easy and delicious. The company delivers nutritious plant-based frozen meals – from rainbow falafel to cauli tikka masala – direct to your door. Its packaging is also fully recyclable, and sent to you via carbon neutral delivery methods.’ Sounds familiar!

We thought we’d ask around our wonderful team for their favourite companies doing their bit for the environment, here’s what they had to say:


Libby – Marketing and Design Executive

Some of Libby’s favourites doing their bit for a greener future are; Oddbox – a wonky veg subscription box, Beco – who make sustainable pet accessories and Ethique, with the latter being the standout. Ethique – are a doing their bit in the cosmetic industry, creating totally plastic free hair and skincare products with zero waste. We love their best selling Shampoo bars, and they even have a pet section selling solid shampoos for dogs – 12/10

Oddboxrescues delicious fresh fruit and veg that may otherwise have gone to waste directly from farmers and delivers it to your front door in a weekly or fortnightly subscription. If you want to reduce your impact on the planet by taking action on food waste, Oddbox have kindly given us a discount code to join their mission. Use code REPUBLICOFCATS to get 50% off your first box, valid until 31st May, 2022

India – Community Executive

Our lovely India, who you may know from building our insane online community, has a couple of favourites including DAME and Oatly. The well known Oatly – create oat based alternatives to dairy products with the aim to improve people’s lives and ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

DAME – are all about ‘changing periods for good’ who create reusable sanitary products that will cause as little impact on the planet as possible, and are accessible to all. Dame also stepped up their game by offering the Republic citizens 20% off using the code – ROC20 – thanks guys!


Laura –
RoC Founding Genius

Now when it comes to the big boss, Laura wanted to give a shout to Grind. Grind – are making moves in the coffee game, and have launched their own compostable coffee pods that are totally plastic free. They also source their beans directly from smallholders around the world in a bid to be even more sustainable. ‘Great coffee, doing good by the planet.’

Lois (me)
– Blogger & Freelancer

A personal favourite of mine is a super small, sustainable company packing a big difference. Barnaby’s Brushes – is a toothbrush subscription, with a one off purchase of the initial handles made of stainless steel to last forever, you then sign up to receive the bamboo compostable toothbrush heads as frequently as you wish. Genius! A toothbrush that’s a ‘work of art’ that you can keep for the rest of your life, and won’t end up in our oceans.


It’s pretty clear that it’s cool to care these days. So many more companies are taking the planet into consideration, and making small changes that really will make a world of difference years down the line. If you’re not sustainable in 2022, who even are you? Plastic is being left in the 90s, and it seems like the world is waking up when it comes to going green. We love to see it.

The Republic x

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By Lois Roberts

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