Republic of Cats – Our pledge to be sustainable

Things we did in 2021 to help our planet, and our future goals.

It’s been another rocky year, but the Republic remains strong in the game of sustainability and busting other brands out the park with our cat food online. When we made the Republic, we vowed to build a cat company that was kind to the planet as well as your cats, even including our cat food delivery to your door. Making its way from our fair shores with couriers who are also working towards a greener future, and building a better world for our cats to thrive in. A cat food subscription with a difference.


Our proudest achievement this year was our loyal citizens saving 7.3 million cat food pouches from ending up in landfill. A big furry thank you to you all! Each and every one of our citizens that eats our Republic recipes is making the world a better place, one meal at a time of our good quality cat food. Back in the early days of building our online cat food company, we pledged that traditional non-recyclable, single-use pouches would never pass over our borders. The problem being, every year around 10 billion aluminium-plastic pouches are sold, and shockingly only around 20,000 of these are currently recycled properly. The scale of the problem is pretty scary, so we committed to finding a greener way of getting cat food to your door and ensuring everything we did would be 100% recyclable.

Enter the humble tin. Our perfectly portioned meals arrive to your door, cardboard box bound and packaged in their own individual tins. We opted for an aluminium tin, which is both widely recycled and one of the more abundant metals. So once you’ve served up their favourite dish, a quick rinse is all it takes before popping your tin in the correct bin, guilt free. The cat food delivery service, complete with a clear conscience – what’s not to love? And so many of you already do, fighting the good fight with us and signing up your citizens to the Republic. You’re doing a great thing and we can only thank you for the support so far.


Once we humans throw our rubbish into the bin, it’s pretty easy to just forget about what happens next and carry on with our day. But the difference between using tins vs pouches really is huge when it comes to their impact on the environment. Plastic is slow to degrade (over 400 years or more) due to its chemical structure, which presents a huge challenge. Which is why we chose the tin. Opting for our cute little cans means a never ending cycle of recycling and reusing, a constant chain of one humble tin arriving at your door, being recycled and reborn as a new tin and restarting it’s journey to the Republic. A pouch will be produced, serve its purpose, be tossed in the trash and then never be used again. A small product causing a big and permanent impact on our beautiful planet.


A typical owner who chooses to feed their cat-pal wet food only from plastic pouches, will end up contributing around 1000 pouches per year to landfill! A shocking figure when you consider there are 12 million pet cats in the UK and counting, you do the math. We certainly didn’t want to be part of the problem and worked hard to come up with our fully recyclable solution. Our planet is far too important to take the easy road and follow the furry crowd, and investing more into the Republic means investing more into a greener future. Using single use pouches would have been a much easier and cheaper way for us to launch our start up but we put our foot (and paw) down. 


Our awesome plans for 2022, to be even bigger and better for the planet

As the Republic grows, we want our impact on the planet to do the exact opposite, and to pave the way for other cat companies around the globe. So far, as well as our entire range of packaging being fully recyclable, we’ve also launched our own range of cat litter, developed with the planet in mind.


For 2022, we want to work even harder on our mission, starting with an aim to reduce the amount of cardboard we use on the whole. Despite being fully recyclable, any cuts we can make to our already blooming business will help lower our emissions and the impact we have on our wonderful world. Even the little things can make the biggest change. In the Republic kitchens, we made a simple swap to double side our printouts of your delicious orders to cut the amount of paper we use day by day in half. A small difference, but add it up over the coming years and the change is huge.


We will always be looking for ways to improve our already pretty tiptop eco service and create an even greener journey for your monthly box, all the way to your door. By joining the Republic, you’ve already made bold moves to make for a better planet. And your little furry citizen snoozing away in the corner is doing their bit too, blissfully unaware of their contribution to a happier, more sustainable future. 

The Republic x

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By Lois Roberts


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