The best way to feed your cat

An article full of our top tips for feeding your cats, covering everything from when to plate up, to to tackle more than one housemate at dinner time.


For a lot of cat owners, the best way to feed your cat may seem obvious, serve up their desired recipe and leave them be. But for a lot of cats it isn’t so simple. Fussy cat food is not a term we dreamt up and unsurprisingly is super commonly searched on the world wide web, our little kittens are renowned for being a little more tricky when it comes to feeding time and it’s pretty much the reason we created the Republic. Some are extremely picky when it comes to flavours, others favour the little and often approach to set meal times and some will only eat under the cover of darkness, the most difficult of customers. Of course it will be different for each individual furry food critic, but we decided to gather together some top tips and tricks for when it comes to feeding, and some special advice for those lucky humans living with more than one roommate. 


  • Mix it up
    When it comes to what we’re serving the fuzzy ones, we’re total champions of the mixed feeding plan. Though some may take a little convincing if they have their preferences, mixing it up with both dry and wet food will give your cats some variety of texture when it comes to meal times. They’ll get all the tasty flavours from their wet food, as well as a boost of hydration, and then the dry food is there to bust any lingering plaque on their teeth whilst giving them a good cronch. A complete cat food diet that also cleans their teeth, perfect!


  • Meal times
    What time to feed your cat is a tough question to answer, and we’re pretty sure those little floofers will be the first to tell you when they’re feeling peckish. But we believe that sticking to a routine is the key to keeping the cats content, they do love their structure after all. Depending on their own personal tailored feeding plan, we’ve found that splitting their portion into 2 or 3 smaller meals throughout the day works a treat. Many believe leaving food down all day for cats to graze is great, and though it may work for some, we’ve found that scheduled meals seems to keep them coming back for more and licking their dish clean. 

  • Switching slowly
    If you’re new citizens to Republic of Cats, we always recommend a slow transition when they first start sampling our delightful high quality cat food recipes, packed full of meaty goodness. Cats tums, though super soft and absolutely adorable, are very sensitive when it comes to new recipes. Always start by slowly adding in the new food to the old recipes they’re used to, just a bit at a time until gradually they get used to their new meals. Once fully transitioned to their Republic recipes, we’re pretty sure they won’t be wanting to munch anything else and dinner times will get a whole lot more manageable.

  • Clean the crockery
    We know it might sound like an obvious pointer, but our cats hold us to very high standards when it comes to cleaning. They are the clean freaks of the animal kingdom and expect nothing less than a Mrs Hinch standard of clean. (In case you didn’t already realise, owning a cat means offering yourself up as their personal servant for the rest of their days). Keep meal times well away from the litter tray to avoid cross contamination – we’re on their side here, nobody wants to be eating their lunch by the loo. Be sure to keep on top of bowl cleaning too, many fussy customers won’t want to eat from the same bowl twice. 

  • Hydration is key
    Keeping water readily available at all times is super important for your favourite felines. Cats love fresh water and it’s important they drink enough daily to keep them hydrated alongside their meals. A top tip is to keep a few options on the go so the fusspots have a choice. Hidden bowls and glasses in quiet corners where they can drink in peace will definitely encourage them. Human water glasses seem to be their absolute favourite, so hopefully you don’t mind sharing a sip with your Sphynx.

  • Engage their kitty brain
    For those that need a little extra encouragement when it comes to the grub, why not try engaging their brains with some enrichment games using their food. Hiding dry food in puzzles and activity balls so they have to work for it or using a licky mat with their wet food is a great way to stimulate their minds as well as getting them to finish their meals. Licky mats get bonus point for not disturbing your highness’ whiskers too!


The Lucky Ones


This section is for those building a mini cat army in their own homes (we salute you by the way). When your furbaby is an only child, feeding should be fairly simple, but those humans with a floof pack can find it super difficult to navigate breakfast for 3.

A great idea to combat this is to invest in cat specific automatic feeders. It may sound a little futuristic, but these genius inventions will only dispense food to the cat that matches the correct microchip details.
Smart feeders really have got the smarts when it comes to feeding the right portions to the right cat, and can be a great solution to stop your cats stealing from each other’s bowls. Even better if you own a feline with specific cat food allergies, all the more important to get the right kibbles.


A less technological option is to look at levels to keep the right kitty at the right bowl. Make use of shelves and high places and place feeding bowls at different levels to try and minimise supper snatching. This idea is great if you have cats of different agility levels, senior cats or those that require diet cat food, get those youngsters climbing for their dinner whilst the more senior house guests can dine at ground level in peace. 


If this method seems a little too impractical for your gang, why not try feeding your friends in different rooms altogether. This will of course depend on your options at home, but if it’s possible to assign each purry pal their own room to chow down behind closed doors, this could be the best way to ensure each of your cats are eating the correct feeding plan, tailored just for them and their specific needs. 

These are just a few Republic recommendations to get your cats giddy about their meals. Everyone deserves to enjoy their dinner time, and cats are no exception. If you have any other tips and tricks, we’d love to hear from you and we’re pretty sure our
Facebook Community would too – be sure to reach out with anything we might not have thought of that works for your little ones at home.

The Republic x

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By Lois Roberts

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