Can we find our soulmate in a cat?

Finding a soulmate for a lot of people is a lifelong quest spent searching for that perfect partner. Someone who completes you, lifts you up to be the best version of yourself and makes you laugh. They are the missing piece of your puzzle and ultimately someone you couldn’t live without. But to a lot of us reading, thankfully all of this has already been found…in our cats. 


We’re talking about souls aligning, and here in the Republic we most definitely believe that a lot of us have found our soul-cats. And we think most cat people would agree with us too. The connection and bond you build with your furry friend often far outweighs those of our human counterparts. So whether it’s a cat, a dog or a donkey, who says a soulmate should be strictly human?


Our animals see us at our best, our worst, and everything in between, with zero filter. They eat with us, they sleep with us, they comfort us when we’re sad. Our cats are probably one of the few souls on earth that get to see the real us every single day, and still come back for a snuggle before bed. That’s got to count for something? Although notoriously independent, these adorable bundles of fluff learn to live alongside us, and even love us in their own funny ways.  All cat owners will agree, there is nothing more pure than the rumble of a purr that comes just from being in the presence of their bestie.

And then there’s the countless tales of those cats that choose their people. Strays that turn up doorsteps and never leave because they know they’re home. And kittens in the shelter that choose their human and leave them no choice but to take them home. Surely it’s not to be argued that these tiny tigers were meant for you, supposed to find you and become your soulmate – it’s fate. 


And once we get our little housemates home, our true soul-cats seem to become entirely in sync with us, so much so it can be backed up by science. Rupert Sheldrake is a scientist who studied the behaviour of cats and dogs who found out these animals knew when their person was coming home – even when they arrived at a random, unplanned time. They tested different cars and tried arriving by foot, and the animals would always know, waiting by the window 15 minutes before their human got home. He says this phenomenon only seems to happen with animals and people who are very closely bonded, true soulmates.

Two thirds of households in the UK are now pet owners and maybe it’s possible we are looking to seek out our soulmates in the animal kingdom rather than rely on humans? Our cats are much less complicated. Make sure dinner is on the table, chin scritches are provided, and personal space is acknowledged where necessary, and you should be showered with affection when they deem it appropriate. Works for us! 

There’s also the teeny, tiny factor we can’t overlook – the cats can’t chat back. Don’t get us wrong, some of those little lions will be wailing the song of their people at 4am or chirping away at the birds before your alarm rings, but maybe the reason it’s so easy to connect with our four legged friends is down to their silent nature. Cats often act as our own personal therapists, they hear our every thought and worry and are the perfect listeners who don’t pass any judgement (out loud anyway). Airing our true thoughts to a small soul that won’t chat back, judge, argue or ignore you can really help to heal and validate your feelings. 

There’s a reason that out of the entire animal kingdom, cats made it over the threshold and into our homes, despite their sassy nature and generally unimpressed attitude. They just seem to understand us. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and if our soulmate truly is our cat? Well, we’re thrilled.

The Republic x

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By Lois Roberts

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