7 ways to spoil your cat this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, we’re pretty sure you’ll have already started to notice the overwhelming amount of not-so-subtle marketing pushing you to celebrate the big day of love. And whether you’re single or in a relationship, this can all be pretty daunting with the pressure piling up to either have that one perfect day, or dreading the prospect of spending it alone.


But when you’re a cat parent, are you really ever alone? 


The beauty of owning one of our favourite fluff bags means you’ll always have a significant other in your life. A little love bug to snuggle up with at night and jump in your lap when you’re feeling lonely. If you are dreading the thought of the 14th, take a leaf out of your cat’s book and remember you are sassy and independent, and it really is just another day that should be spent napping.

If opting to spend Valentine’s with your kitten sounds like your dream date, then why not go all out this year and truly spoil your citizens this February with some of our suggestions:

  1. We all know those snooze balls love nothing more than to curl up and sleep for 23 out of the 24 hours in the day, so why not treat them to a new luxury cat bed. This adorable heart shaped bed cushion from Duolaimi Pets on etsy.com is rather fitting, super cute and won’t break the bank after the longest month in existence…

  2. We heard the key to your cat’s heart is truly in the catnip. Those fluffsters go wild for it, so why not get them feeling all warm and fuzzy inside with these catnip filled Valentine’s Day hearts. Even better, buying from Etsy means you can support small businesses during the corporate chaos that surrounds the big V.

  3. Why not go super stereotypical and spoil your citizen with a special slap up meal. We may be biased, but if your cherub isn’t already signed up to the Republic, we can think of no greater gift than a delicious dinner arriving at the door from yours truly. Choose their favourite flavours for the main course, and maybe even go that extra mile with some tasty charcuterie treats to start.
  4. If you’ll be reaching for the bottle this v day, there’s no reason you can’t toast with your tabby, thanks to the genius invention that is cat wine. Choose from a delicious ‘Meowlot’ or splurge on bubbles with a bottle of ‘Purrsecco’ for your feline and cheers to love! 
  5. If you do opt to wine and dine with Mr. Whiskers, why not go all out and treat them to some fancy new cat crockery. To continue the theme, choose these pretty heart shaped dishes from Etsy. Another small business to support, with a choice of 4 colours and an elevated design to provide ultimate comfort for your cat at dinner time.

  6. Now this one may not work for every cat, but if you are blessed enough to own a housemate who adores a grooming sesh, why not schedule them in an appointment to spoil them for Cupid’s favourite day. Treat them to a new brush and set aside some quality time to pamper them properly. Defuzz and destress this Valentine’s. Bonus points for a toe bean massage, they’ll be super grateful after working so hard day in, day out… oh wait.
  7. If you’re really ready for the world to know that your cat is your one true love this vally day, why not embrace the Instagram generation and book yourself and your cat in for a professional photoshoot. This one isn’t for the shy guys, but if you’ve got a cool cat who loves the camera, this could be the perfect way to spoil them rotten with all the attention, and create some memories that will last a lifetime. We would absolutely LOVE to see the results of this one, so please tag us over on Instagram @republicofcats if you do decide to go for a  full fashion photoshoot this February.

Charles Dickens once said, “what greater gift than the love of a cat” and we quite frankly couldn’t agree more. Ditch the humans this Valentine’s and spend your special day spoiling your purr machine on all fours, that will literally show you no gratitude whatsoever. You won’t regret it. 

The Republic x

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By Lois Roberts

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