Selfcare for Sphynx cats

One of the more slept on breeds in the cat kingdom is the Sphynx, and we’re really not sure why. Sitting regal and proud in all their naked glory, the Sphynx cat is up there as one of the more affectionate breeds who love human attention, hairless cuddles and excel when it comes to tricks and agility, despite their sort of worm-like appearance. Well, we love them and their little adorable pink tummies, and we decided to dedicate an entire blog post to caring for these ethereal beauties and what goes into their regular skincare routine. 

It is important to know before deciding on a Sphynx as your housemate of choice, that these guys are more high maintenance than pop princesses and drag queens alike. People naturally assume no hair, no problems, but it’s quite the contrary when it comes to caring for these little baldies. If you’re prepared to put in the work, you really will reap the rewards of one of the funniest felines out there.

When it comes down to it, their little bare behinds and absence of hair is the reason behind the extra workload. The most adorable layer of peach fuzz, though so lovely and soft, means that their natural body oils end up accumulating on the surface of the skin and can’t be absorbed into the fur like with other, more floofy breeds. Well we say there’s nothing wrong with a little extra pampering so worry not, we’ve got together the ultimate Sphynx Skincare Routine to keep their skin supple, soft and shining!

Sphynx Skincare Routine

  • Weekly Bubble Baths
    That’s right, cats are notoriously not fans of the water, but this one is an absolute must to keep your Sphynx squeaky clean and cared for. It’s recommended you bathe your baldy once a week in lukewarm water. Fragrance free, hypoallergenic shampoo is the best option as they can often be sensitive souls. If you notice your little guy getting a bit grubby between bathes, you can always spot clean with a towel and warm water rather than another dunk in the tub. Sphynxes also struggle with temperature regulation, so be sure to gently pat them dry straight after bath time – rubbing is too intense for their delicate skin.Product recommendationThe Sphynx Showercap the cutest invention to avoid water-logged ears.


  • Ear cleaning
    Alongside bath time, be sure to double up the booking with a weekly ear clean. Due to their hairless-ness, they are prone to waxy build up in those giant satellite dishes on top of their heads. Though it can sound like a tricky task, ear-cleaning is fairly simple, just grab a cotton ball and soak it in a feline-friendly cleaning solution. Most cats can be pretty put off when you invade their personal space, so it’s important to establish a strong bond with your naked friend so they know they can trust you.Product recommendation – Floofs Ear Cleaning Solution … oh the irony

  • Pop those Pimples
    There are many of us that get an unnerving amount of satisfaction from popping a pimple. And if you’re one of us weirdos then maybe a sphynx cat could be your soulmate. A less well-known fact about these gorgeous goblins is that they can develop acne. The build up of oils can clog their pores and cause little blackheads on their bodies. Joking aside, popping isn’t actually the right way to fix the problem. Using a gentle antibacterial soap can help, along with massaging acne prone areas with a warm damp towel. There’s also some home remedies to try including apple cider vinegar if your Sphynx is struggling.Product recommendation – If you fancy splurging, why not try Aesop’s Animal Shampoo antibacterial and aesthetically pleasing.


  • Trim the talons
    Though strictly speaking not skincare, nail cutting is a must for the fuzzballs. Due to their lack of coat, it’s super easy for your Sphynx to do itself some harm when scratching that itch. Keeping them short and sweet will help keep your wrinkly friend stay safe from catching themselves with a claw. Starting this ritual early will get your cat used to the clippers, but always consult your vet for help initially to make sure you know exactly how much to trim for the perfect paw pedicure.Product recommendation – LED Claw Clippers for ultimate paw and claw perfection.


  • Moisturize!
    Just like with us humans, moisturising your hairless cat is super important to keep their skin supple and healthy. Always opt for a natural lotion as part of their skincare routine, coconut oil is our number one recommendation to loosen up any of that built up grime before bath time. Behind the ears and between toes are top spots to remember. Contrary to popular belief, Sphynx cats are able to venture outdoors for short amounts of time. If you think your four legged friend will be braving the elements, it’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight and chat to your vet about a potential cat friendly suncream.Product recommendation – Totally natural and organic coconut oil  for ultimate moisturising experience.


  • Fashion, darling
    Our final tip, though not strictly skincare, focuses on keeping your little nudist’s temperature regulated. Though not all cats will be comfortable with clothing, this is a great way to keep your kitten cosy and at the right temperature in the colder months. Soft fabrics are a great place to start, and some fancy garms can even double up as sun protection if your nude dude is off for an outside adventure. If you know you have less of a fashionista on your hands and putting your sphynx minx in a jumper will bring on a wrath you’re not willing to challenge, there’s other ways they can warm up. Heated cat beds with thermostats really do exist, and we can think of nothing more scrumptious than curling up and warming your nakey butt in a toasty cat cave. 

    Product recommendation – this etsy shop has a ready to wear collection fit for Pawris Fashion Week.

And there you have it, the ultimate skincare (++) guide to caring for your Sphynx Cat. They may be a bit of a handful, but what you put in you will certainly get back in abundance with plenty of cuddles and laughs from these funny, loyal, naked little friends.

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By Lois Roberts

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