New Year’s Eve Cat survival guide

Every year is the same, the weird gap between Christmas and New Year has us all confused, napping almost as much as the cats and wondering what day it is. But it also gets us planning how to round off the year in the best way (well, fingers and paws crossed we can still party). New Year’s Eve is essentially bonfire night and Christmas day all rolled into one evening, and though we’re all ready to party and see in the New Year, we have to always think of our purr machines and their safety first.

Often the four-legged friends are an afterthought when it comes to celebrations, but these times can be a tad stressful for our favourite furballs. Fireworks, drunken house guests, karaoke, extensive buffets, there’s plenty of bits and bobs that could be problematic for your cat, so we have a few simple tips to avoid any trouble whilst you’re popping the bubbly and screeching questionable lyrics to Auld Lang Syne.


We touched on how to help combat cats and fireworks in a previous post – Halloween: How to keep your cat safe – but these can be a pretty scary tradition for your floof. Cats associate loud noises with a not so friendly environment, so naturally the whoosh crash bangs we stand to admire at midnight can be a small cause for concern for nervous kittens. Keeping your cat safe and snuggly indoors (especially those city dwellers) and providing a cosy corner where they can curl up always keep their mind at ease. Making sure your pal is chipped goes without saying and maybe think twice about letting off the rockets when you can have just as good an evening without the sparkles in the sky. A great extra for chilling out the tabbies can be found in calming spot on treatment or a plug in diffuser. They both use natural ingredients and pheromones to promote feelings of reassurance and wellbeing for your little ones, a helping hand to boost the zen on NYE. 

Bonus tip – If you do opt for a sky show, try playing some firework noises on the TV in the lead up to new year’s. Granted not the most relaxing background playlist, but it can help desensitise your mog before the big night.


Party Guests

If you opt to be the hostess with the mostess this NYE, do consider your cat. A full house of merry guests can cause stress for the felines. We recommend a full debrief to all party goers to leave the sleeping lion be. Unnecessary fuss and attention can lead to crabby cattos, especially those that are less fond of socialising.

Bonus tip – It always comes back to safe spaces for fluffy faces. Cats crave the calm of a cosy nook, under the bed or a cardboard box, so set up a zen location for your puss pre-party, away from the chaos. We love this calming cat cave we found online.


The Spread

At all costs, protect the spread. If you have a scavenging siamese on your paws you probably know the drill by now. We started a series on What human food can your cat eat? with a special Christmas edition, but when putting on a party we suggest banning the bengals from the buffet altogether. Too much opportunity for tummy upset, and the last thing you want is cat sick on the carpet in the middle of Jules Holland’s countdown to midnight. If your cat is a citizen of the Republic, we imagine they’ll be more than satisfied with a tin of the good stuff and their favourite tailored dry blend. So serve up the supper pre-party and you should have a satisfied citizen with a full tum who’ll snooze through the festivities.


Bonus tip – always let your party goers know not to share food with the furries, no matter how cute their begging face is. It’ll be you paying the vet bill after all the fun and games are over if your baby gets their paws on the brie.


Stick to the Schedule
Like most animals, cats thrive off a regular routine. We’re sure you’ve noticed the midnight zoomies, begging for dinner and daily body wash always seem to fall at the same time day in day out. These guys really have their days planned out to the minute and like sticking to their schedules. So try to keep as much of their day the same in the lead up to the evening’s antics. This will keep your kittens calm and avoid any unnecessary stress they didn’t schedule in. 


Bonus tip – Keep their 3.05pm regular chin tickle appointment right on time so they can go about their business as usual.


Humans are overrated

New Year’s can often be a bit of a flop. The annual build up to keep yourself awake to see in the new year, pop the same old prosecco, endure a regrettable new year’s snog, only to be in bed by 12.07 and have a hangover on the 1st of Jan. New year, same me. So why not keep the guestlist strictly feline, and see in the new year just you and your favourite. Throw a couple of yarn balls when the clock strikes 12 and snuggle on the sofa with your ultimate purry cushion to bring in the year as you mean to go on, cuddling up with your cat.

Bonus tip – Stock up on cat wine so both you and the little lynx can raise a toast at midnight.

We hope both man and beast can enjoy the New Year’s celebrations this December, whatever the plan. If you do opt for a cat only party, be sure to tag us in your New Year’s pics over on instagram at @republicofcats and share the love in our Facebook Community Let’s hope 2022 brings another wonderful year for the Republic and all of our citizens. 


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By Lois Roberts

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