New Year, New You…New Cat?

Okay, so just to clarify, we’re not suggesting you need to get a ‘new cat’. Your four-legged furry king or queen is no doubt already an ideal housemate who absolutely does not need replacing – although if you’ve decided it’s time the fluff potato had a sibling, then we fully support this decision.

We are suggesting though, that now is a prime time to look at making this year the best it can be for you and your feline companion. We know the classic ‘New Year’s Resolution’ isn’t tantamount to making a successful change. Over a third are sacked off before the end of Jan, so instead let’s put the kale smoothies down and take a look at setting some simple ‘intentions’ to give your cats the time of their 9 lives in 2022.

Top 3 cat intentions for 2022:

Feel Great in Their Fur – feel fab and look fiiiine 

Feel Great in Their Home – reach peak kitty zen

Feel Great on Their Planet – live their best Republic life for themselves and the planet


Feeling Great in Their Fur

Putting your cat on a treadmill is obviously a no-no, but getting the royal floof into the best shape of their life is easier than you think. A healthy cat is a happy cat and The Republic has made it pretty easy to help you to improve their lifestyle and help shed some cuddly kitten pounds if needed:

Level 1 – Eating Well

The first level in getting a fine-feeling feline is making sure they’re getting the right food for their lifestyle. This isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ kind of a deal however, every cat is different and so should their food be. 

Fortunately, making sure your cat is getting the right diet is as easy as clicking a button. An up to date profile with the Republic of Cats will mean we can edit their feeding plan to perfection. Taking into account their activity levels, age, breed and any health goals to make sure they get exactly the right nutrients and minerals to support them individually, at any stage of their life. 

Start with the right food and you’ll be seeing a happier, healthier moggy in no time at all. Just ask Nell:

Cheers Nell.

Level 2 – Healthy weights

Okay, so we’ve all been there. You’ve taken their hairy highness to the vets and, lo and behold, they’ve put on some weight. You knew it was coming, but how the heck were you going to deny them some of that delicious roast turkey over Christmas?!

But don’t fret, here are some quick and easy tips to help get them back in shape and back in your vets good books:

  • Change their goals
    A quick switch up of their health goals at The Republic to lose weight on their profile is super simple. Just head back into their profile, pick a new weight goal, and we’ll do the rest to tailor their plan to perfection.
  • The right treats.
    Look, we fully understand those kitten eyes can cut right through to the coldest of hearts. But most of the time the food we eat just isn’t good for them.
    Healthy cat treats are a great alternative to the human snacks and will keep your pal in prime health. If you need some inspiration, then how about these lean and tasty Charcuterie for Cats (2 delicious recipe options and perfect for sensitive tummies)

  • Exercise before meal time.
    We know zoomies are normally a 3am activity, but giving your furry friend a little run around before they dive into their Republic recipe can do wonders for their appetite. More of an appetite before their meal means they’re more likely to finish their food, which in turn makes it less likely that they’ll get hungry later and start eyeing up your dinner.
    We’ve got a whole community of cat loving humans willing to share their tips on getting your fur potato off the sofa, just head over to our community page here

Level 3 – Hit those health goals

The final level in getting your feline feeling fine through their feeding plan. The ‘boss level’ if you will.

Alongside providing the right nutritional ingredients for your cat individually and being able to help them to reach and maintain a healthy weight, we also include ingredients that will target other health goals you might have for your cat. Take a look at what we can help with and how we do it:

  • Grow a healthier coat: We include fish oil. Jam packed with essential fatty acids, which helps keep that coat on fleek.
  • Help itch less: Some cats are intolerant to certain ingredients, which can cause itching. We take these out to help soothe their skin.
  • Help with a sensitive stomach: Trouble with digestion? Fear not; a hypoallergenic blend and a couple of prebiotics and they’ll be digesting like a pro.
  • Better smelling poo: A little crude, maybe. But some chicory root and a load of good quality ingredients will sort that stool odour out. You’re welcome. 
  • Reduced hairballs: Some extra fibre added to your cat’s food can help their food move along and allow them to pass hair from their tummies.
  • Healthier teeth and gums: Teeth and gums are super important, so we’ve included vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus in our recipes to give extra support whilst they crunch.
  • Manage their intolerances: If there’s something your cat can’t eat, we’re not going to give it to them. Choose their intolerances and we’ll exclude them.
  • Help with shedding: A little added Omega 3 will strengthen hair and hair follicles, meaning it’ll stay on your cat and not your carpet..


Feeling Great in Their Home

For our little mousers to be truly content at home we need to consider all aspects of their wellbeing. Check which level of ‘happiness at home’ your mini lion fits into below and see if there’s anything you can do to make their lives that little bit more zen:

Level 1 – Book in those boosters

For once we’re not talking about getting your covid. But with last year’s restrictions and lockdowns, vet appointments haven’t been the easiest to arrange. So if you haven’t already, now is a good time to get that annual appointment booked, check your fluffball’s health is all tickety-boo and get their vaccine boosters booked.

It goes without saying that if you want your cat to live a happy, stress-free life at home, then avoiding scary illnesses from the outside world is an absolute must. Boosters make sure your cat’s are fighting fit and ready to fend off any unwelcome diseases. This will greatly reduce your fluffbag’s chance of contracting nasties like cat flu, feline leukaemia virus or rabies.

Level 2 – Get prepped for the year ahead

As another year begins, we’re back to another cycle of seasons. Winter will become Spring, Spring will become Summer, and of course throughout all of this it’ll most likely continue to rain. Thanks a bunch Britain.

As the weather (slightly) improves through the year,  we also see changes to our environment as well, and it’s worth making sure your cat is prepared for these. Particularly when it comes to preventing any nasty infestations like parasites. Defleaing your pets consistently throughout the year is essential to ensure they’re ready for the Spring/Summer months aka Peak Pest Season.

A flea’s life cycle can last up to 3 months, so consistent treatments month to month are vital to keep fleas at bay, rather than waiting to spot the creepies crawling on your cat before treating. To prevent any unpleasantness, all you need to do is set your cat up with a regular flea treatment once a month and a worming tablet every 3 months, to stay critter-free for the entire year, and the following years to boot!

Just drop us a message over at [email protected] with the subject line ‘critter-free new me’ and we’ll get everything set up.

Level 3 – Calm, Content Cat

We all want the best for our fur family – but sometimes even the fluffiest of our family members can end up feeling stressed or anxious. Some cats are naturally more anxious than others, but even the coolest cats can struggle in challenging situations (i.e. moving house or gaining a new sibling).

If you’ve noticed your majestic moggy isn’t acting themselves recently, here’s a few suggestions that you might find helpful for chilling out your stress(fur)ball:

    • Cat Trees: If your cat has been feeling anxious recently, it can be hard for them to find the ideal place to doze off for their daily 12 hour snooze. Cats love dark tucked away places, as well as areas that are hard to reach and easy to defend. A Cat Tree ticks all the boxes as well as providing somewhere to dig their claws in that isn’t your arm. More than one cat? Multiple levels can provide an area of respite for them all.
    • A better litter box experience: Anxious moggies can sometimes take to peeing outside of their box, stressful for both cat and cat-human alike. Cats are territorial, so during this time unfortunately they may opt for ‘important’ areas that smell like their human (beds, sofas, etc) – the worst!

      To prevent this, why not improve their litter box experience. If you have multiple cats, try to make sure each floof has their own precious place to pee and avoid cluttering  boxes together. Cats are very private people after all. It’s also important to keep these clean. Dirty trays can increase feelings of anxiety and prevent them from using these properly.

      Our little friends have high standards so choose a litter that is soft underpaw and keeps scents at bay. Why would they want to go anywhere else? Check out our litter range in your shop to up your litter game.

  • Calming Pheromones: Another way to reduce anxiety in your fluff buddy is by introducing some calming scents to your home. There’s a number of calming sprays and plug-in diffusers out there which produce a synthetic feline pheromone that can ease worries from environmental or territorial stress (like this one from Feliway).
    These can be an incredibly effective way to boost zen, but make sure if you are opting for pet-specific pongs. A number of essential oils are toxic for our feline friends so do your research before plugging in.
  • Give them space: We all like a bit of space to call our own, right? Well, the same goes for your cat. You don’t have to assign them their own room (though if you want to be that little bit ‘extra’ then, sure) but giving them their own peaceful place to eat is a perfect way to keep them calm. Find a quiet spot where they can chow down on the Republic recipes; away from other pets, house traffic or evil toddlers trying to pull their tail.
  • One-off Worries: The world can be a hectic place for our pets at times. If you’re concerned about stress-levels during change of specific events, we have a number of articles offering more advice on:

    Post-lockdown life for cats

    Introducing cats to new facesCats at EasterCats at Halloween

    Cats at Christmas

    Cats at New Year


Feeling Great on Their Planet

We’re 99% sure our cats aren’t acutely aware of the current climate crisis. But if they were, no doubt they’d be dead against it. After all, it’s hard to chill out on a sunny windowsill whilst the world’s on fire.

As a society, we’re moving in the right direction and becoming more environmentally conscious every day. At Republic of Cats, it’s our goal to build the most sustainable cat company on earth, so let’s take a peek at the different levels of environmentally conscious cat ownership.

Level 1 – Food with sustainable ingredients: 

Delicious food doesn’t have to be environmentally taxing and we’re doing everything we can to make sure it isn’t. Our cat food is nutritionally tip-top, tastes great and isn’t unnecessarily damaging our planet. 

We source as many of our ingredients as we can from as close to home as possible, so not only do we know exactly what’s going into our dishes, we’re not importing it from miles away either.

Their Republic recipes are packed full of the nutrients your cat needs, in flavours they love and do their part in keeping the environmental cost down. We use the delicious, nutritionally dense parts of animals that humans tend to reject and would otherwise go to waste to feed your cats and watch them thrive. Think parts like the livers or kidneys which in some countries might not be consumed by humans, but are a great source of nutrients such as proteins, amino acids and actually contain up to 10x more vitamin B2 than lean meat.


Level 2 – Environmentally conscious food deliveries: 

The next level in working towards the goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable cat company is to ensure we do everything we can to get your moggy’s food to your door in an environmentally conscious way.

Firstly, the adorable, personalised delivery boxes. What really makes them incredible is…they’re 100% recyclable. And not just the box itself, but everything inside – winner. We make sure every bit of packaging we use is widely recyclable. From the bag your cat’s tailored dry blend arrives in, to choosing tins for our wet recipes and even our treat bags – just give them a rinse and they’re good to go.

Secondly, we portion their meals. This means that we send you exactly 30 days worth of food for 30 days. Genius. We make sure your cat is getting exactly the right portions so you don’t have to worry about any food being wasted. Less effort clearing up and less of an impact on our friend ‘The Environment’.

Finally, we use a courier service that aligns with our views – environmentally Yodel have just invested £15 million into a greener fleet. And when our vans are packed to bring our delicious recipes to citizens across the land, we make sure to use all the space available to avoid wasted journeys – even if that means Pat’s box will travel separately to brother Lenny’s.


Level 3 – Beyond the food

It’s all well and good to provide sustainable cat food. But to become the world’s most sustainable cat company, we need to look at the other areas of cat ownership too. As we grow, sustainability is always at the forefront of our considerations. That’s why the recent addition of our two new Odour Busting litters have been developed with the planet in mind:


The non-clumping kind: Let’s be honest, no-one wants a whiffy litter tray that their fussy feline is going to turn their nose up at. But we also don’t want a litter that (literally) costs the earth. Fortunately, we can have both. Our heavy-hitting, odour-busting litter has been developed to keep litter tray whiffs at bay and provide a top tier litter experience for your cat. It’s also created using by-product materials from the construction industry, making it uber-sustainable! So your cat can poop carefree in an environmentally-conscious paradise.


The clumping kind: This litter has pretty similar claims to his non-clumping friend except for one big difference…it clumps. It still busts the pong, feels great underpaw, but with its superpowered clumping abilities it’s got the added bonus of lasting that little bit longer and being more convenient to empty. Oh, and it’s also made from 50% recycled materials, meaning both your conscience and your litter tray remain clean.

Add either of these litters to your ongoing deliveries through the shop tab in your account here.

Regardless of where you see yourself on these lists, let’s make 2022 the year to focus on feeling great in ourselves and have our pets feel great too! If you need any help or advice, drop our friendly cat experts a line at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

Wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us at

Republic of Cats


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