The Ultimate Cat Gift Guide

So it’s that time of the year again. Michael Buble has emerged from his hibernation and the smell of cinnamon is beginning to permeate through the air. In the wise words of Wizard: IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAAS!

Now as the presents start to build under the tree, it’s time to decide what Santa Claus* is bringing for the furbabies this year. Well don’t worry, we’re here to help with our handy Festive Feline Buying Guide:

*Please note: The decision to avoid the obvious pun of ‘Santa Claws’ or ‘Santa Paws’ was very much deliberate.


The Budget Friendly Gift

“Mouse in a Teacup” available at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, £5 

This is exactly what the name suggests it is. A mouse. In a teacup. 

At just £5, this little two-piece toy (yes, the mouse does come out of the cup) would be perfect for your little fluff-bag. Great for batting about the house, the teacup has a satisfying crinkling sound and is also an excellent place to hide treats – a great way to fulfill those natural hunter instincts.

Added Bonus: As well as getting a superb gift for your cat, you’re also giving money to a charity helping less fortunate cats and dogs across the country. Go you.

The ‘Money is no Object’ Gift

“Copycat Art Scratcher” available at Lord Lou, from £138

Ever found yourself thinking about buying a priceless work of art, only to decide against it because you know full well that your cats will destroy it? Well then do we have the gift for you! 

It’s arty, it’s classy and it’s a cat scratcher. Watch in joy as your destructive little clawed-housemates go to town on some of the most famous paintings ever made. Is the Mona Lisa smiling? Probably not with a cat hanging off her face.

Added Bonus: Three works of art available – Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’, Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ and De Heem’s ‘Still Life with Flowers’.

The Fussy Feline’s Gift

“Duck & Venison Charcuterie Bribes” available at Republic of Cats, £3.50

Some of our four-legged friends will eat anything and everything. Others have a more, dare we say, ‘refined’ palette. Either way, here’s a gift they’re going to love. Made with 60% British venison & duck, these tasty treats are guaranteed to tickle your cat’s taste buds – and they just so happen to be hypoallergenic and grain free to boot.

Added Bonus: Easily added to your next delivery from Republic of Cats – a totally stress-free gift.

The Everlasting Gift

“Happy Cat Handmade Infused Felted Balls” Gift Tin,, £10.99

Now most of you are likely living with a catnip addict, so why not do good by both your cat and others by purchasing these cat infused felt balls from Celia Hammond. Guaranteed to provide endless hours of entertainment, you’ll also be donating to one of the top UK Cat rescue charities – 2 birds, one felt ball.

Added Bonus: The fuzzy toys come in an adorable recharging tin, so once your kitty’s seem to lose interest just pop them back in the tin with the catnip pods to recharge and infuse over night.

The Novelty Gift

“Cat Scratching DJ Deck” available at, £15.99

Right, we’re aware this is the second ‘scratching’ gift on the list; but let’s face it, not everyone has a spare £140 to spend on their cat. This scratcher is far more affordable and, importantly, IT’S A DJ DECK. FOR YOUR CAT! Need I say more?

Added Bonus: Allows you to give hilarious DJ names to your cat, i.e: Catboy Slim, Eric ‘Paw’ Prydz or Deadmau5 (the last one didn’t need changing).

The Homemade Gift

“Homemade knitted cat jumper” patterns available from etsy, £4.70

Those of you that are a little more crafty and creative, why not DIY your little ones a gift this christmas. This one goes out especially to the Sphynxes, patterns are available to purchase on etsy to knit your very own fashion forward cat jumper. Choose your colour, grab the needles and get stitching, knit one purl one etc.

Added Bonus: If you’re not a knitter, why not give it a go and learn a new skill to make homemade gifts for all the family this year.

The Crafty Gift

“Cardboard Cat Kingdom” available from Republic of Cats on etsy, £18

Get crafty this Christmas with a LIMITED EDITION cardboard cat castle, the perfect present for each and every purr machine. Constructed in 30 seconds or less, this hassle free kingdom is 100% customisable on arrival (decorations not included). The cardboard material means this product is 100% recyclable after hours and hours of kitty fun, at only £18 it’s cost per use we imagine will work out next to nothing! 

Added Bonus: The Republic commissioned these strictly for fun only, non-profit, with free delivery purely for the kittens entertainment only – truly made for cats, by cat people.

The Personalised Gift

Personalised pet portrait, available from etsy, from £20

It may seem a little extra, and definitely more of a present for the humans, but why not commission a small business to create a personalised pet portrait of your fave feline. Hang it loud and proud above the mantelpiece for all to admire this holiday. If the cat didn’t already think they ruled the roost, they most definitely will after this.

Added Bonus: Buying from etsy means supporting small businesses often run solo by one individual working hard at their craft. Your purchase will mean you can support local, shop more ethically and make someone else’s Christmas great, as well as your cat’s!

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

“The RoC Golden Ticket” available at Republic of Cats, free (we’ll give you £10!)

So technically this isn’t a gift for your cat, but it is definitely a way of brightening a friend’s cat’s Christmas! All you have to do is generate a link to send over to them, then they can give their moggy a Taster Box for just £2.50 – and you get a £10 credit popped on your account. Win-win.

Added Bonus: Once your friend’s feline has had their Taster Box, they can carry on with their Republic of Cats subscription, and you’ll always be the one that changed their 9 lives.

If you have any great gift ideas that you wanted to share with your fellow citizens, or have had success with any of the above, we’d love to hear from you on our community page here

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Republic of Cats x

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