How to keep your Christmas tree cat safe this season

The Republic is all about keeping your cat as healthy as possible whilst getting your cat food online, but here on our blog we like to give you BONUS CONTENT… as many tips and tricks as possible when it comes to your crazy little fur balls. Christmas can be a treacherous time with those cheeky kitties around, pouncing and flouncing all over your home, and especially as we’re now approaching decoration stations, we thought we’d point out some good ways to keep both your cat and your christmas tree safe this season.


It may be your first year with a feline around during the festivities, and let us tell you now, Christmas trees are their kryptonite. Not to mention all that is attached, we have found baubles to be an all time favourite for batting across the living room at 3am, oh the joys. And although at first this will provide plenty of entertainment, after the tenth morning in a row of collecting your favourite (hopefully intact) tree ornaments off of the floor and redecorating the entire fern, it may become a little tiresome.


Here in the Republic, we’re pretty well-versed in how to combat cats at christmas, so we thought why not share some of our (and the internet’s) creative coping methods to stop your furry festive elf from shredding the tinsel and toppling the tree.


  1. Our number 1 favourite idea this year is this ingenious creation from Habitat of the half tree – A GAME CHANGER. Straight from the product description itself – ‘​​your perfectly placed baubles are out of reach from cats and curious kids’ – a product literally designed to stop the crimbo destruction our tiny devils love to cause. We’ll toast our first mulled wine of the season to whichever brainbox came up with this, straight to the top of the Nice List sir/madam, the cats will beg to differ christmas tree
  2. Christmas jumpers. We know you’ve seen the vids. As soon as you put a cat in a jumper, they seem to freeze and forget they have bones. Each time your little terror decides to cause some Christmas chaos, why not whip out the seasonal jumper and squeeze them into it for 15 mins. A perfect way to stop them in their tracks and hopefully deter any future frolics in the branches. (disclaimer – not all cats are pro clothing, so please only take this step if your feline is feeling the festive attire, we don’t want claws at christmas).

  3. How about modernising your tree of choice and opting for a Christmas Cactus this year, instead of the usual nordic greenery. A definite deterrent for curious claws, you’re much less likely to find your kitten scaling the shrubbery to be the star.
  4. Similar to the half tree, how about opting simply for the half dressed? Only decorating the top half of your tree may not stop those with a passion for free climbing, but it may just be enough to discourage our catty kleptomaniacs to at least stop stealing the jingle bells and fairylights that were just a little too easy to reach.
  5. The ‘anti-gravity’ tree has also become quite the popular choice according to the world wide web. Though extreme to some, an upside down tree attached to the ceiling would make perfect sense to most experienced cat owners. You still get the cosy festive feeling of a tree filling the room, but with a little less accessibility for those teeny tigers looking for a take down.
  6. Those of us living in a swanky pad with a balcony, might think to consider an outdoor tree. Still visible from the comfort of the sofa, but safely concealed behind the double glazing and away from prying paws that are bound to the indoors.

  7. A good old classic barricade is another simple failsafe to blocking the Bengals, Ragdolls, Persians, tabbies, it seems there is no breed exempt from decoration destruction, so use what you can to fashion a sort of christmas tree fort in an attempt to hinder the mini grinches. No doubt this will be seen as just another obstacle to overcome before hitting the jackpot, so we can’t promise you grotto will remain intact with this one.
  8. If you’re of a crafty nature, why not get creative and fashion a tree that’s of the 2-dimensional variety. A little less to bat, claw or nibble, but just as pretty. 2 dimensional trees may not be as traditional, but they sure can be a great alternative.
  9. You could of course opt to include your four legged housemates in the festivities and choose to decorate their very own cat-tree instead. They’ll feel super involved, and maybe even proud of their very own light up tower, that they’ll be less inclined to destroy it and everything else in their path. Reverse psychology is the key to christmas cheer and untouched ornaments.
  10. If all else fails, and you have tried every step of our guide with no luck, then maybe it’s time to sack off the decs entirely. A little scroogey we know, but cats can be relentless and their evil genius minds won’t rest until they win. We of all people would entirely understand the decision when it comes to laying off the light-up reindeers and tinsel banisters. Christmas cheer can also be found at the bottom of an eggnog, by joining the local carol singers or sending heartfelt cards to your neighbours in the post – all three almost entirely cat proof.

If you do still brave the tree and all its trinkets, our secret suggestion would be to make your cat the star of the show. It’s worked with Rue over the last 9 years, her picture-perfect portrait sits atop of the tree, and instead of scaling the branches, she simply sits and stares, admiring herself as the true Queen of Christmas.

Our crew are working throughout the festive period (we’ll be giving them Christmas Day and Boxing Day off for maximum turkey and roast potato-fuelled naps in front of the fire) – do us a favour and get your cat’s Christmas antics sent over to them on WhatsApp to keep their spirits high.

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By Lois Roberts


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