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Cats at Christmas – the do’s and dont’s

Christmas is coming, the bells are jingling, the wine is mulling and old saint Nick will be on his way before we know it. But cats and Christmas can get complicated. Although spoiling them rotten with cuddles and catnip is top of the list, as responsible pawrents there’s plenty of seasonal safe points to bear in mind whilst enjoying the festivities with your feline.

1. The tree – it always comes back to the tree. We gave you some amazing alternatives in our previous post How to keep your Christmas tree cat safe this seasonbut those of us that do favour the fern need to keep an eye on our kittens. Scaling the tree is the number 1 conquest of most cats, and however entertaining it may be, this conquest could lead to damage to your furry one as well as your tree, so supervise your spider-cat. Ingesting the pines and even your dazzling decorations could cause obstruction, so keep out of reach of the kitties where possible.


We tried : our favourite way to combat christmas mischief was the half tree, an amazing cat friendly option to keep your baubles and your little grinch safe.


2. Fairy lights – The sparkling string of twinkling lights can become quite the obsession for our four-legged friends. Hypnotising with every blink, they are often lured and the electric cord soon becomes another string to play with. But chewing and playing with the glittering string could lead to burns or even electrocution. If you have a mog that’s inclined to munch, be sure to keep the lights out of reach of naughty paws.

We tried : stringing your lights around curtain poles or rafters, as out of reach as possible from naughty paws, but still illuminating your living room and keeping the magic of Christmas alive.


3. Tinsel and ribbons – yet another Christmas adornment that doubles up quite nicely as a cat toy. How are they supposed to resist that shininess?! The holiday season is quite the sensory overload for our little housemates, can we really blame them? But again, tantalising as it is, tinsel (and other such accessories) can cause serious problems if ingested by your mog. Hang those garlands high, and maybe opt paper bows and tags to tie up your pressies.

We tried : paper garlands like the good old days. Think neutral tones for a class christmas. Less of that tinsel, much more pinterest and definitely moggy friendly if/when shredded. Also much more kind on the environment, BONUS!

4. Candles and fires –  the log burner is lit, and it is the perfect time to pull out the pumpkin spice candles. But we’ve mentioned how our little kittens can have pyromaniac tendencies, always be alert. The flickering flame lurs them in and all it takes is a quick swipe and you’ve got a blistered paw on your hands. So whilst it is ok for your cats to cuddle up with you by the fire, never leave them unsupervised, keep the candles out of reach and maybe even consider a fire guard to prevent your cat getting too close and singeing their pretty whiskers.

We tried : LED candles, just as pretty flickering on the mantelpiece but much less of a danger if a fuzz ball takes an interest. Why not offset with an animal safe room spray so your home is still filled with the scents of crimbo.


5. Human food – The stockings are stuffed full of sweet treats, the festive spread piled high with pigs in blankets and cupboards stuffed with enough food to feed five families. Of course we would never want our precious fur children to miss out, and cooking up their very own cat-christmas dinner is a no brainer. But be sure to double and then triple check which foods are safe for your cat’s consumption – chocolate being a definite no go. If you’re feeling a little unsure, we’re certain they’d be just as happy with a bowl of their favourite Republic recipe to enjoy at the family table.

We tried : not just try, we’ve written a whole article on which xmas foods are safe for your furry elves. Check it out here! {link}


6. Safe space – if you’re inviting over plenty of friends and family this holiday, be sure to provide a safe space for your cat away from the festive frolics. Some cats can become overwhelmed and easily spooked, so always keep a cosy corner free for your cat away from the crowds to snuggle up if it’s all too much.

We tried : you can never fail with a good old cardboard box and their favourite snuggly blanket. Boxes are a failsafe option when it comes to kitty comforts, read more on why here!

7. Travelling – If you’re planning on travelling away from home this christmas, always consider your kitten. If your cat isn’t used to coming with, maybe it’s best to leave them in their own environment and opt for a cat sitter this christmas.

We tried : is a great place to start for those city dwellers heading back home. Be sure to meet your sitter in person first so you’re comfortable leaving your precious baby in their care.

8. Our number one top piece of advice this season is remembering cats are for life, never just for christmas. Although we can imagine nothing more magical than receiving a mewing ball of fuzz for christmas, becoming a cat owner is a huge responsibility. Animals, though an absolute gift to this earth, really aren’t the best gift to give. Prospective owners must be really ready for full commitment, and only they can make this decision. It is widely known that pets received as presents during holidays often end up forgotten or abandoned at shelters once the reality of ownership kicks in. 


TOP TIP : instead of kittens for christmas, why not donate to your local animal shelter and help the many cats already without a home this holiday.

Cats can be the perfect holiday companion, we just pulled together these helpful tips if you’re a newbie cat pawrent needing a little help through the holiday season to keep you and your kitten smitten. You can always reach out to the Republic for all things cat if you’re unsure, along with our thousands of fellow cat-humans who are part of our amazing online community. If you’re ever needing a second opinion, find them all here for any of your cat related queries. 

Happy holidays!


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By Lois Roberts

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