The Flea Chronicles – Episode 3, Indoor cats aren’t immune to flea and worms

There’s a very broad spectrum when it comes to cats and their habits, from those sleepy kitties who will happily snooze for 22 hours of the day, to those adventure-loving cats who you only see for a pit stop at dinner before they head back out on the prowl. Whilst our indoor-loving friends should still be cautious, it is those that roam that are the most vulnerable when it comes to fleas and worms.


Though they may be the most streetwise kitty on the block, their keen sense of adventure and desire to hunt and stalk will be putting them most at risk of contracting the dreaded parasites, leading to an unwanted infestation. These midnight wanderers must be top priority when it comes to monthly flea and wormer treatment.


It’s true that any cat that ventures beyond the front door is a walking flea target, and even those that stay within their own four walls, but particularly those that hunt. Cats on the hunt, stalking through woodland and long grass are a prime target for hiding fleas to hop on board and onto your little one for a ride. 


Another danger comes from the dreaded ‘presents’. Cats that decide to gift you with half-chewed rodents and those all-too-often live birds are also risking it all, as these poor little presents may already be carrying fleas, worms and parasite eggs and it only takes a second for these to transfer over to your furry housemate.

For this, and many other reasons it’s SUPER important to make sure all of our beloved fur potatoes are treated for fleas and worms every month, to keep checking their fur and washing and vacuuming their favourite bedding regularly. If you know your cat is prone to the prowl, make it your priority and get your cat’s own personalised monthly treatment pack straight to your door. You’ll never miss a month and will be safe in the knowledge your fluffball is well protected from parasites, no matter what/who they choose to bring home and leave you on the end of the bed.

Email our Flea Concierge on [email protected] with the subject line “banish those critters” to find out more.

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By Lois Roberts

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