The Flea Chronicles – Episode 2, Does your cat have worms?

So we’re well on our way to understanding just how much of a headache fleas can be, but let us hit you with the double whammy. Most pawrents don’t realise that along with their own eggs, fleas can also carry eggs from a number of pests such as roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms – getting the fleas to do their dirty work for them. If your fine floof happens to swallow a flea, this is when the worms come into play.


This is because your favourite furball might not have just swallowed the flea, but they may have also ingested the extra eggs said flea is carrying. Before you know it, those eggs have hatched in their tum, and you may have a pretty severe case of worms on your hands, which needs treating asap.


Though spotting an internal infestation may be tricky, here’s a few red flags to keep an eye out for:

  • Persistent hunger, but apparent weight loss calls for immediate action
  • Diarrhoea, blood and potentially visible worms in the litter tray are a sure sign to get to your vet
  • The unsightly butt drag along the carpet is never a good sign, stop that scoot!

Never be afraid to give your vet a call, even if it’s just for peace of mind. Better to be safe than sorry before these little critters do some serious damage. 


A special shout out to our precious indoor kitties. You might think those on the inside may be a-okay without treatment, but you would be mistaken. It’s not just the cats that fleas hitch a ride on, it’s us too, and who knows when we might be bringing the tiny guys into our home. As we’ve figured out, fleas can also carry worm eggs, so making sure the Queen Rues of the world are flea’d & wormed is equally as important as those who like to roam. You just never know, and we’re sure we all agree their safety comes above all else. Cats > Everything.

Queen Rue herself

Luckily for us owners, worm prevention is relatively simple as long as you keep on top of your monthly flea and worming treatment. It really is as simple as that, and setting up a subscription from the Republic means you don’t even need to give the pests a second thought until your tailored treatment arrives through your door, from our fair shores. Sign up today and rest in the knowledge that you’ve done a great thing for your cat.

Email our Flea Concierge on [email protected] with the subject line “banish those critters” to find out more.

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By Lois Roberts

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