The Flea Chronicles – Episode 1, 5 ways to keep your home flea-free

Though we may have waved goodbye to the days of summer and the peak time for a pest party, no matter what the weather, the teeny tiny but mighty flea is always a potential problem for your pet. The little critters can cause some serious problems for both you and your cat, and are best avoided at all costs.  A cat human’s worst nightmare, we’ve been there and we decided to dedicate a whole chronicle of blog posts to the pests explaining exactly what they do, how they work, and how we can help you beat them.


The flea is essentially a freeloader, jumping from home to home, creature to creature, wreaking havoc as they hop. With a life cycle of anywhere from 13 days to a year, fleas can produce millions of offspring laying up to 50 eggs at a time, and unfortunately for us they may be choosing to make a home out of our cute little kittens, right under our noses – the audacity! 


The persistent parasites survive by consuming blood from their hosts, essentially a mini vampire (how festive) that chooses your beloved moggy to feast on and then lays its eggs. The tiniest of evil, they are well equipped to defend themselves with the ability to jump up to 200 times their own body length, making them incredibly tricky to catch and very difficult to get rid of.


Once a flea has laid its eggs is where the problems begin. The eggs slip off your cat and land in their environment – yep you guessed it, your home and furnishings. Carpets, bedding, your favourite moroccan rug become the perfect place for flea eggs to settle and hatch, which can lead to pretty problematic infestations without the right equipment to manage them. 


But panic not, prevention is key. Keeping your cat treated monthly to fight off the fleas is essential, and regular cleaning and hoovering of your home should keep the critters at bay. Make way for the Republic’s latest venture into maintaining your cat’s optimum health, we’ve launched our very own personalised monthly flea & wormer treatment pack to arrive at your door along with your pal’s favourite meals. The pressure of remembering each month is no more, we’ll pop a tailored treatment pack straight through your letterbox each time your furry friend needs a top-up, keeping them protected for good. 


We can do our best as cat humans to combat the hoppers and keep our housemates of the feline species only. Fleaing your cat is vital, but if the dreaded itch does appear despite monthly vigilance, knowing how to treat an infestation is important cat owner knowledge to harbour. If you find yourself in a less than desirable flea ambush, follow our easy guide to bust the bugs and get your cat back to snoozing without the scratchy wakeup call. 

You will need:
– A flea comb
– A hoover
– Laundry detergent
– Persistence

  1. Spotting the signs – most of us spend far too long gazing into our moggy’s eyes, observing their every twitch, so knowing something is up shouldn’t be too tricky. If you spot a little more itch than usual, check their fur for those sneaky soldiers, as well as any small white eggs and an excess of dirt in your cat’s coat. Any one of these should be an immediate red flag so be ready to jump into action, just like those little fleabags. We love this bamboo comb from Paws and Planet, it’s good for your cat and the environment too.
  2. Brave the bathe – we know we know, claws. But a speedy shower is a great way to wash off any flea dirt and eggs, followed up with a flea comb through their coat to try and dislodge any clingers that may remain hidden in the hair.
  3. Grab the vac – charge up that cordless and get to it, leaving no inch of your home un-hoovered. Vacuuming thoroughly on the daily can help to get rid of any eggs that may have fallen off your pet. Just be sure to empty the bag outdoors in between efforts.
  4. Laundry for days – anything that can be stripped and washed is essential to get in the machine on a hot wash. Bedding, both yours and your cat’s, cushion covers, blankets and even any clothing your little one might have snuggled up to, needs a thorough rinse and spin to banish the bugs. And it might be better (deep breath) to keep your bed kitty-free, just until the critter case is contained.
  5. Keep it up! Treat your cat and brush them daily to catch those critters. Treat treat treat and don’t let it slip. We’ll keep sending your personalised treatment packs as and when they’re needed, you just need to pop it on your cat. Even after the infestation has cleared, regular treatment will make sure those bitey little fellas never return.


We may be out of peak pest season but these pesky critters never rest, so be sure to check your cuddly camper regularly and set up your own monthly moggy subscription of tailored flea and wormer treatment packs from the Republic, to keep your cat, your home and even you, flea free for good! We’ve got your back, and are ready and equipped with the knowledge to support you and your cat to battle those bugs. 


Email our Flea Concierge on [email protected] with the subject line “banish those critters” to find out more.

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By Lois Roberts

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