Finding the best option for your cat whilst you vacay

You’re double jabbed, the green list is growing, it’s time to cram in that last minute Summer 2021 trip we’ve all been craving, but then the guilt hits. What do I do with the cat?!

We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who have left cat care off the list when planning a vacay, only to have the sheer panic set in as the jet setting date approaches wondering why on earth you didn’t think about poor Luna sooner. Luckily we live in the 21st century, and kitty sitters are available at the tap of a button on your smartphone. But we thought we’d look at how to prepare your cat for a short break apart and what the best options are for your little one if you decide to go on an adventure sans tabby.

Let’s start by stating the obvious, all cats are VERY different. You’ve got everything from your cul-de-sac mafia, to the timid, antisocial house dwellers, and all those in between. Each of their needs will vary from one to the next, especially when spending time apart from their beloved humans, and which options will help them feel the most comfortable.

A cattery may seem like the obvious option, a go-to choice for decades and a fail-safe when it comes to kitten care. There’s nothing wrong with going for the more vintage choice, though for a plush pussycat who’s used to the finer things (robotic litter trays, filtered water fountains and whatnot) it may be a little out of their comfort zone. Take our Chief Taster Rue for example, a cat who lives her life on the inside, rarely befriending other felines. She would be overwhelmed, overstimulated and probably a little less keen on spending time surrounded by cat friends and the outdoors than other braver beings. But lucky for her, there’s other options to explore when it comes to being away from your favourite housemate.

Cat sitters are a great choice for those used to home comforts. Amazing apps like Cat in a Flat make booking a cat carer super easy, and gives you peace of mind knowing there’s a vetting process before sitters are approved. You can chat with other cat humans and get to know the perfect person to step into your shoes whilst you’re away on your jollies. Being able to stay in their own territory, with their favourite toys and snuggle spots puts both you and your cat at ease, knowing their daily routine won’t be compromised without your presence, and they’ll get plenty of one on one cuddles and care from their new visitor. It’s also great to find that one reliable friend you can build a relationship with over time for future trips, a familiar face for your cat to seek reassurance from when you need to leave home.

Now if you’ve been blessed with a confident catto, at one with adventure and the outdoors, then why not consider taking your travel buddy with you? Pet passports make travelling together a reality, and in the year of the staycay a trip with your Tom cat seems all the more possible. Hiking in the Lakes, surfing by the sea, grab your cat backpack, harness and lead, and get to holidaying with your favourite. What better way to spend the summer than with your feline friend, we’d choose cat companions over humans any day. There’s plenty of pet friendly accommodation available and what an expedition it would be for your tiny tiger, exploring new places with their person. 

Whichever option you choose, be sure to go with the right decision for your cat to be the most comfortable they can be. A change of environment is enough to spook any animal, so it’s super important your fur baby can feel safe and secure no matter what. We’d love to see what you and your adventure kittens get up to on your holidays, so be sure to tag @republicofcats in any expeditions you have lined up with your little lion this summer.

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By Lois Roberts

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