Debunking the subscription trap myth with Republic of Cats

It’s no secret that subscription services have boomed in popularity, especially in recent years, with the ease of delivery to your door making so many of life’s necessities that little bit easier to manage.

From laundry detergent, beauty products, toilet roll and even cat food, it seems almost anything can be subscribed to arrive on schedule, as and when you require, at the click of a button. Despite this being a total game changer during lockdowns, where getting your goods from the local shops got that bit more difficult, many of us still struggle with commitment issues over fears of being caught in a subscription trap, until the end of time. 

So why do we get cold feet when it comes to a more than a quick fling with new and exciting brands? Trying before you really buy, never ending get out clauses, what if it doesn’t work out the way you’d planned, all valid concerns of a soon-to-be citizen. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve all been there, caught in a sticky subscription web we can’t get out of without jumping through multiple hoops, doing a backflip, saying the alphabet backwards and completing a triathlon. We get it. I’m hoping those days are over, they certainly are at Republic of Cats. 

We’re as flexible as your felines and designed everything we do for an easy, breezy 9 lives. It’s pretty simple – tailored feeding direct to your door, no commitment, full flexibility and ultimate tasty nutrition for your furry housemate. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Being caught short of kibble is a thing of the past, we’ve chosen to do it that way so the humans can worry less knowing their moggy’s favourite meals will arrive right on time, every time.

We thrive on catering specifically to each and every one of our citizens, a true service for our beloved housemates. Whether that’s moving deliveries to your preferred date, editing menus and tweaking orders, or sadly cancelling if your time with the Republic is up. We can make it happen. Many people can be put off by the commitment of a subscription, signing on the dotted line,  direct debits set up for eternal monthly payments – we know this FEAR. Hidden T&Cs of a ‘minimum stay’ so tiny even a cat’s eye would miss. We didn’t want to be one of those companies, but wanted a simple way to make your (and your cat’s) life easier. 

Perfectly portioned meals hitting all the nutritional needs your cat requires, a 30 day supply delivered to your door exactly when you need it, fully recyclable packaging and an account area that is so simple to navigate you should never need your supermarket again. What’s not to love?

We came here for the cat people to do better by the cats – we’re pretty sure you’ll love it (and if you don’t, a sweet farewell, with a tight squeeze is much preferred to keeping you locked up against your will). We’re on a mission to do good for the Nation’s moggies, real people ready and willing to help out cat owners everywhere. Our customer team are always on hand to help with any queries or quandaries that might be putting you off taking that subscription plunge, and committing as a citizen of the Republic.  And if you’re still not quite convinced, you can take it from the citizens themselves that a Republic subscription really is the way to go – 

A fantastic and purrfect fodder for felines

A superb and wonderful subscription service. I thoroughly enjoy receiving the cat care packages and opening the wet food tins is thrilling. Mesmerisingly, the tins are akin to the Tardis as they, surprisingly, pack a substantial amount of food in a ramshackle tin. I do not know how they do it, mirrors, magic, perhaps even metaphysics? But it is purr-fect for my cats.

This is CATegorically the best fodder out there.

To sign up to the Republic and try our Taster Box – 28 meals for just £5 – click here

By Lois Roberts

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  1. I’m very pleased I’ve found a company that provides recyclable packaging, really hate the waste of all these plastic pouches that can be messy to use too, just hope my fussy Tom is as happy to try.

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