Plastic free July – why the environment is such a big deal to us

It’s no secret that as a human race, we are slowly and sadly destroying our beautiful mother Earth.

And unfortunately, due to the humans deciding that cats are quite simply the cutest beings on this very planet, who must be protected at all costs inside their homes, cats too are contributing to the problem simply by being served dinner.

The recent pandemic outbreak and subsequent lockdowns have led to a sharp rise in pet ownership nationwide, which also means a huge boost to the pet food industry, currently worth over £2.9 billion. But how many of these leading pet food brands are actually considering their environmental impact? Despite this new army of pet parents, equipped with eco warrior knowledge and a millennial mission to do better, lots of pet food still arrives in single-use plastic packaging, destined for landfill sites across our fine nation. The main culprit? Plastic Pouches. 

Enter Republic of Cats. When we began we made an oath that we’d only do this if we didn’t contribute another single pouch to landfill. Ever. It’s just not our style. As a small start up, the purse strings can often be tight but it was our pledge to find a more sustainable way, and we provided. So far, we’ve saved 2,283,025 pouches from ending up in landfill in 2021 alone – and we’re pretty thrilled about it. Everything we send from our fair shores to your door is 100% recyclable, why would we have it any other way? We’re all responsible for protecting this planet, for future generations of muggles and moggies alike. 

As we enter plastic-free july, we’re urging citizens and non-citizens to do their part to look after our planet and make simple changes that could make a huge impact in years to come. We can all do our bit, and hopefully Republic of Cats can lead by example to show the fat cat billionaires at the top how it’s done. Aside from signing up to the Republic and providing your favourite feline with totally guilt free grub, we’ve got together a few more simple switches you can make to become a more sustainable, environmentally aware cat owner :

  1. Pass on your unloved toys/beds/scratching posts

We all know cats, and we’re pretty certain most owners will have a small tower of toys in the corner of the lounge that their cats simply didn’t approve of. Or the cutest little pet tipi you spent all your pocket money on, just to be ignored by your moody mog. Pass them on! Instead of throwing them out, find a home where they will be loved by another, waste not want not. A great place to start is in our very own Facebook Community, where you’ll find other lovely cat people to swap and share cat paraphernalia with.

  1. Recycle household items into toys

Better still, instead of buying toys at all, get crafty and make them. As we recently discussed in our Why the box rocks article, cats prefer a cardboard box to most of their belongings as it is, so why not reuse and recycle household items. Toilet roll tubes make amazing puzzle feeders, paper bags will keep your pussy cat pouncing for hours and even the humble yarn ball will often take president over the latest laser pen. Get creative, we’d love to see your ideas. You can tag us in your Instagram stories to show us your best inventions.

  1. Buy sustainably sourced cat litter 

Shop around and find an eco friendly, sustainably sourced cat litter for your furry housemate that creates less of an impact on the environment. You can even start with the litter box itself, and instead of opting for the typical plastic tray, look for bamboo or even stainless steel options (fancy) that will last forever and reduce your cat’s carbon pawprint.

  1. Keep an eye on your kitty

Most cat owners know all too well the plight of the presents offered to you at the end of the bed, but cat hunting is a real concern for the environment and has an impact on our wildlife. Though it is in their nature, keeping tabs on you tabby and minimising their hunting opportunities at dawn and dusk when wildlife is most active, could really make a difference. Popping a bell on their collar will also give their game away and let the birds know they’re coming. Try tiring them out inside instead with plenty of hide and seek and exercise, so they choose the snooze over outdoor sniper missions.

  1. Plastic free everythaaaang

It doesn’t stop at packaging and litter trays. Think toys, food bowls, containers, cat mats, if it’s plastic consider the other options. Ceramic food bowls, tres chic. Natural fibre toys, textures they can really get their teeth into. Mason jars to store kibbles, so pinterest worthy. The alternatives are endless.

Plastic is SO last century, the cats know it and so do we. Let’s do our best as pet parents to be plastic free not just in July, but always and forever. Simple changes for us can mean a world of change for the environment, and we can all do our bit to look after our pets and the planet in the best way possible.


To sign up to the Republic and try our Taster Box – 28 meals for just £5 – click here

By Lois Roberts

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