PRIDE SPECIAL: Can cats be queer?

Pride month is upon us, and the Republic is most certainly flying the rainbow flag high.

With all love being celebrated loud and proud, we started to wonder whether it was possible that cats could be gay too? A google search would suggest plenty of people certainly think so , but let’s look at some science.

With there being so much research progression into human gender and sexuality, opening our minds to the possibility of our pets being queer doesn’t seem like such an unrealistic idea. Sure, animals are led by instinct for the most part, but over decades of domestication of our little lions, maybe they are less focussed on full survival mode, and more on being their true kitty selves. Though the answer may be a little more complicated than a simple yes or no. 

A book by scientist Bruce Bagemihl titled Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity found that over 300 species of animals engage in homosexual activity, and really out of the millions of species on our planet, does this really come as a surprise? 

For domestic animals, one explanation researched showed that early neutering could lead to a change in sexual preference. Another explanation could simply be down to dominance. Males wanting to prove their dominance over other lower ranking animals has been behaviour seen in cat colonies, but can we ever really know whether its dominance or desire fuelling these interactions? Although animals have clearly been observed engaging in same sex activity, understanding whether animals can be gay is much less clear and goes back to our previous article questioning whether cats can fall in love? [link]

Our romanticised human brains of course believe in the disney fairytale version of life, where animals can fall in love, and our feline friends can be gay/lesbian/bisexual or whatever their truest cat self wishes to be. But without ever really being able to get inside their furry little brains (what we would give to know their deepest thoughts), we’ll never really get to the bottom of it. And it goes without saying that either way, cats couldn’t care less about their own sexual orientation, the way they couldn’t care less about most things going on around them, and we should probably follow their lead. Love is love and cats are cats.


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By Lois Roberts

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