Why the box rocks?

The long standing love affair between cats and cardboard boxes really is no secret.

How many times have you returned home in a hurry, anxious with that new toy excitement, ready to present your latest offering that you spent far too much money on for your feline. Only for the new scratching post or macrame cat hammock to be totally ignored in favour of ye old faithful cardboard packaging. Eye roll. We know the feeling all too well, but what is it that really drives this obsession and why, in cats’ opinions, does the box rock?

Seemingly no matter how expensive, exciting or feathery the new toy may be, the box will always be more desirable. Baffling to us mere mortals, but perfectly obvious to the more floofy among us, there are lots of reasons why our cats love boxes so much. 

The main one being safety (bless their little kitty hearts). Cats love small and secure spaces, and a box brings that feeling of being enclosed and confined, giving them the ability to hide and stalk their ‘prey’ as well as feeling snuggly and safe. A box provides a sneaky spot for both hiding and hunting, the ultimate den with no surprises lurking out of sight.

And this in turn can reduce stress for your four legged fur child. Think of a box as your cat’s little safe zone, somewhere they can observe without being seen. They are the ultimate nosey neighbour and this cardboard fort only encourages their peeping nature, with no threat of getting caught unaware. Cats are very much ‘flight’ creatures by nature, so pouncing into their box if they’re feeling a little panicked is the perfect option for a little zen time, to step back and observe their environment and reassure themselves it’s all good.

The phrase ‘curious cat’ really does come into play, they love to explore their surroundings and a new box naturally must be investigated. The overwhelming need to claim this new space as their own before anyone else can is only natural, so as well as jumping straight in, often cats will be caught rubbing their little fuzzy chins on your latest Amazon delivery. 

And of course, can a cat ever have enough snoozy spots to choose from? Boxes make for the perfect bed; cardboard keeps in the warm and provides yet another alternative place to nap, because the human’s bed, the washing pile, the armchair, under the desk, on top of the laptop and the top shelf of the bookcase just simply aren’t enough options. Cats can be asleep for up to 18 hours a day, so naturally ‘if it fits, I sits’ applies here. 

As if this list wasn’t already enough to convince you to build your own cardboard cave, it’s also a texture thang luring those kittens in. Those claws have got to be sharpened, and boxes provide the perfect texture to scritch and scratch as well as gnaw and shred, should your moggy desire. 

Boxes cannot be beaten in the eyes of our cats. They’re fun, safe, warm and cosy, and provide endless entertainment for our housemates. So stop spending all of your pennies on six tier scratching trees and laser pens, we can both do our bit for the planet by reusing our cardboard boxes whilst simultaneously gifting our fur-babies with their ultimate six-sided cuboid sanctuary. How fitting that our monthly Republic deliveries to your door, arrive in a perfectly cat sized cardboard box…

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By Lois Roberts

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