Does the Moon affect my cat’s behaviour?

It’s not uncommon to hear humans blaming their circumstances and behaviour on the phase of the moon, or mercury being in retrograde, but we wondered whether this could also be applied to cats?

Often seen as spiritual beings with a greatness most of us will never be worthy of, we decided to do a little digging to see how connected our favourite felines really are to our solar system, and whether it could explain any of their unpredictable actions and seemingly sporadic mood swings.

The word ‘lunacy’ originates from ‘luna’ meaning moon, which interestingly is one of the most popular cat names we’ve discovered in the Republic. Maybe there really is a strong link between the two. Research has found that full moons do affect our emotions and bodies, just as they do the tides, we are made up mostly of water after all. But just as humans are affected, it seems so are our pets. A study out of Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in 2007 showed a strong correlation between pet medical needs and lunar cycles. It revealed that trips to the vets increased by 23% during a full moon’s 3 day cycle, due to odd behaviours and unusual activity.

Unlike their canine friends who appear to do a lot of moon-directed howling, cats seem to have quite the opposite reaction with a lot more hiding in safe spots during these moon phases. This mysterious increase in hide and seek really has no clear explanation, but it has been said that animals can be super sensitive in response to our planet’s proximity to the moon

Monitoring your cat during these different moon phases, full moon, supermoon, blue moon etc is the only way to truly recognise if your own moggy starts acting up in response to our stars. It’s possible that the moon’s proximity to earth could even cause some small stress and anxiety for our kitties, so keep a beady eye on them, and make sure snuggles are available round the clock. Animals are so hypersensitive to their environments, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones to like our cats curling up a little closer if we’re not feeling our best, so it would seem logical that this hypersensitivity could extend to the moon and back. We always knew they had superpowers. 

Use this handy Astronomy Calendar to find out when the next notable Moon activity is set to grace our skies, so you can  snuggle up with your furry friend, gaze up at the stars and observe the beauty above. Be sure to keep one eye on your cat to see if they get up to anything strange and report back to the Republic with your findings.

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By Lois Roberts


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