How to throw a party for your cat

It isn’t just the humans who’ve missed out on mingling the last 2 years, our cats haven’t been able to party either! So what better excuse than the end of a National Lockdown to throw a party for your cat, am I righhhht? Cats make our lives better in so many ways, and have been a source of comfort throughout the aforementioned worldwide madness, so why not thank them for all they unknowingly give to us by throwing them the ultimate party. 

Be it for a birthday or not, we’re making cat parties a thing. Though if you want to boost your serotonin levels for the day just have a search of the hashtag #catbirthday on Instagram and you’ll find over 100,000 tags of pure perfection.

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We’ve got together some tips for throwing your cat, or cats, the most perfect post lockdown party their little kitty brain could ever imagine.

  1. Consider your Cat/s

    Are they more of a socialite, known by all the cats on the block, or a more solitary soloist wanting all the attention on them? Consider this before sending out invites to every cat in the cul-de-sac and be sure to only invite your furbaby’s favourites to the gathering, so those less sociable characters won’t be overwhelmed. 

2. Choose a theme

I mean really what is a party these days without a theme? Make it the perfect party by choosing a theme that truly reflects your cat and their personality. If you have a Tuxedo cat – black tie, Sphynx cat – ‘anything but clothes’ party, Persian cat – James Bond theme, you get the gist…

3. Go big with decorations

If it won’t make it to the gram, then truly what is the point. With Amazon Prime there simply is no excuse, go hard or go home with an array of cute cat-themed decorations to really impress their feline friends (/other cat humans).


No party is complete without a cake, even if it is for a tiny tiger. Get googling cat friendly recipes and dig out the whisk, there are plenty of options available for your cat to tuck into, but don’t expect any sort of gratitude or appreciation of your efforts. Here’s a link to one of our favourites.

5. Cat-tivities

We need plenty of activity options to keep the four-legged guests entertained so it’s time to get creative. Catnip confetti will for sure set the mood, hide and seek is always a winner, build a cardboard fort for the party prince/princess, a cat pinata and maybe even a cat-friendly bouncy castle… nothing is too much for our favourite housemate and their furry friends.

6. Party Bags

Will the cats care for their party bags? No. Will it be the cutest thing you’ve ever put together? ABSOLUTELY. Fill a swag bag full for all your guests to take home and remember their purrfect day. Dreamies, a tin from the Ministry of Shredded Pieces, Republic of Cats stickers, cat grass and the all important ball of yarn, you can’t go wrong.

Follow these tips, along with cat proofing your home ready to welcome multiple moggies and it will certainly be a day to remember. Please, PLEASE, do let us know if you throw a cat party, we would be thrilled to see the results and certainly be jealous that we weren’t invited.

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By Lois Roberts

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  1. I gave my old boy a 15th birthday party bcos I feared he wouldn’t b around for his 16th (sadly I was right) The cat next door had kittens just about to leave for their forever home, and our housemate had a dog who wanted to be a ‘cat besty’ (yeh yeh just this once) we had cake with candles(tray of cat food, with squirty cream n Dreamies as decorations) presents n party hats, and Whiskaz slept 15hours straight after!!!

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