Rebranding the Cat Lady

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by your friends, family or even acquaintances for being a cat lady?

We’re pretty certain you’re not alone, in fact there’s such an odd stigma around cat ownership that we decided to write a whole blog post on it and bust this ancient mythology.

The Cat Lady persona has developed over time to become a distinctly recognisable character in contemporary culture, with an emphasis on the ‘crazy’. Think Eleanor Abernathy from the Simpsons – a once ambitious bright young thing with a medical degree, acquires a cat and soon becomes the bedraggled hoarder and the stereotypical ‘cat lady’ we see portrayed in society surrounded by 40 felines (the dream we say). Why should having multiple cats make you crazy – we think it makes you AWESOME.

More modern stereotypes insinuate cat ladies are almost always single, alone and downright weird. A strange assumption which seems to date all the way back to the witching era of the 1400s and their close knit bonds with cats, often being branded as evil and having links to the devil. Over the years the ‘witch’ part of the story seems to have been dropped and replaced with the ‘lonely and single’ part. 

Society’s perception of women – and in particular those that choose to challenge the norm  as strong, single, independent ladies – are often branded as ‘crazy’ or ‘odd’. They’re being judged for choosing a solo life, not conforming to the ‘ideal’ lifestyle which sees people settling down, buying houses and having babies. Millennials and Gen Z, like with most outdated opinions, are ready to bust this myth, debunking and rebranding the Cat Lady aesthetic completely. We choose cats as cohabitors not simply out of loneliness, but because often they can offer something so different than a partner in human form.

Cats are chic, cool, hilarious, aloof and most definitely meme-able, which makes them the most millennial-friendly companion. They don’t have the neediness and attachment of a dog, nor the responsibility of regular clean outs for rodents, they simply are the perfect pet for modern life and we regard anyone who recognises this with the utmost respect. Cats have become so cool that even the stigma of the cat lady has been reclaimed and turned into top selling merch. Endless ‘Cat Lady’ mugs, rugs, t-shirts, you name it and we can guarantee Urban Outfitters have made it. These trinkets are purchased in their plenties and worn with pride, we’ve made it cool to be a cat lady, just the way it should be. Long gone are the days of negative connotations and witch-like stereotypes, we’re cat ladies and PROUD, and without us there would be no wonderful world of Republic of Cats.

P.S. For the record, witches are cool too. 

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By Lois Roberts

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    I have never met, or had, a cat as loyal as Greebo, he’s by my side all the time, purring.
    Looking, on the other hand, could be semi feral if he chose to. I call him the ‘ Assassin ‘. He brings full size rabbits home from a field 500 yards away, my garden once looked as though it was covered in snow, as he’d brought down a seagull, & he brings in ” presents ” for me if I’m ill. Very loving, if HE comes to ME, but doesn’t like me going to him. Hates collars, has gone through 5 in one week ! But, at the right time & in the right place, he’s the lovely cuddly cat who kicks my nose to say ” Good morning, food time ” !!!

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