What do our cats really think of us?

Cats can be difficult to read at the best of times, but with them outnumbering dogs 3 to 1 across the globe, more than enough of us are clearly won over by their aloofly charming ways.

We want to know what they really think about us in their little furry brains. When we look at cats, it’s hard not to be a little jealous of their regal grace, endless snoozing in the sun and all round bad-ass attitude. We wondered what they think when they look at us, and we’re not so sure it’s quite as adoring…

According to expert research, it’s thought that cats actually may regard us mere humans as cats ourselves. Who’d have thought?! If we compare how a dog acts around a human in comparison to a cat, there’s a clear difference. Dogs have learned to adapt their behaviours around people, they change the way they play and interact with us in a totally different way to how they are around their canine chums. Cats however, have made literally zero effort to change the way they behave around us, meaning we can draw two conclusions. The first and maybe less surprising, is they literally couldn’t care less, and wouldn’t change for anyone, or anything else to make cohabiting that little bit easier. 

The second, and much more adorable, is that cats really do view us as just bigger, clumsier, non-threatening felines, and treat us as one of their own. Cat behaviour expert John Bradshaw stated “We’ve yet to discover anything about cat behavior that suggests they have a separate box they put us in when they’re socializing with us. They obviously know we’re bigger than them, but they don’t seem to have adapted their social behavior much.” 

A number of the sassy little behaviours they demonstrate around us cat humans, really are just imitations of how they’d be around other kittens. Bumping our noses, purring, kneading us with their little beans, rubbing around our ankles and even the occasional rough lick and groom is just how they’d behave with their own feline friends, so maybe they do think of us as equals after all. A shock to most we’re sure, when the majority of us feel like cat servants in our own home. 

It’s a popular opinion that cats view us as their own big human kittens or large, stupid versions of themselves. Cats are beauty and grace, and when they see us trip or stumble over them whilst they dart under our feet, they really do think we’re just really clumsy, so maybe we were right about those judgemental stares.

Despite most of us recognising them as superior floofs, we don’t often give them credit for quite how adaptable they are to our human routines. You’ll notice cats will start to align with your schedule, and even go as far as understanding different members of your households timetable, and who they can get food out of and when. They understand different personalities and change their behaviour around different individuals, maybe we don’t quite give them the credit they deserve when it comes to social skills.
Cats are renowned for their outrageous confidence and all round sass, so are we really all that surprised that they naturally assume their big, goofy guardians are nothing more than fellow cats. To be honest, we should be honoured.

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By Lois Roberts

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