How to have a safe Easter with your cat

With the Easter break just around the corner, many of us have already made plans for garden gatherings and egg hunts aplenty over the long weekend. But it got us thinking about our favourite four-legged friends, and how we can be sure to have the most cat-safe, pet-friendly Easter holidays.

It may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but ‘can cats eat chocolate’ is actually one of the most searched about cat questions on the internet. With Easter pretty much revolving around chocolate, we thought we’d give our cat owners the heads up to make sure your housemates aren’t nibbling on anything they shouldn’t be. 

It turns out chocolate, be it in egg form or otherwise, is super toxic for our feline friends. So do be sure to hide your chocolate eggs well away from anywhere your cat could get their paws on them. Almost an impossible task we know, cats seem to be able to get just about anywhere you don’t want them to, so I guess you’ll have to get inventive with those hiding spots this year if you’re lucky enough to share your house with a tiny tiger.

The next big no-no to watch out for this spring season is Lilies. Now we love a good bouquet centrepiece to dominate the dining table, but Lilies are incredibly poisonous to cats so opt for a bloom that’s just as pretty but won’t put your moggy in any danger. This is tip top cat owner knowledge, so we recommend sharing with any other cat humans you know to ensure kittens everywhere are safe whilst Lilies are in season.

One more thing to mention, that may seem super harmless but can actually cause problems for our pals, is artificial Easter grass. Often used to decorate Easter bonnets or pad out those baskets, plastic grass can cause irritation and digestive issues if our cats decide to take a bite, so better to leave this off the Easter list and find some pet-friendly alternatives to brighten up the bonnet.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, Easter is a time to celebrate, especially after the year we’ve all had, and of course we wouldn’t want to leave our cats out of the fun. We’ve come up with a few pet-friendly alternative Easter activities, fun for all the family and their felines.

Easter Activities for your Cat:

  • Switch the artificial grass for cat grass and craft your very own Cat Easter Bonnet
  • Replace the chocolate eggs with catnip treats for a super-charged scavenger hunt
  • Build a Cat Castle out of leftover Easter egg boxes, just be sure all chocolate is consumed by humans before hand
  • Build your cat their very own Easter Hamper complete with their favourite Republic recipes

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By Lois Roberts

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