NEWS JUST IN : How the Republic has your back in the National Pet Food Shortage

This is Lois reporting live from Republic of Cats,  where we’ve had some very important news just in that the UK could be facing yet another national crisis – a shortage of pet food! 

With pet ownership on the increase, and the number of our citizens rising every day, this certainly isn’t music to any owner’s ears. So we wanted to get the message out live from the Republic to all of our citizens, we have got your backs.

In and out of lockdowns, many humans have made space for our cat-kind in their humble homes, but this has led to a boom in the pet industry, with pet food being top of that list. Reports are coming in thick and fast that supermarkets and pet shops are struggling with the new levels of demand, and have admitted the current shortage of dinners across the country could be an ongoing issue, dubbing the crisis ‘Pouchgate’. Not ideal for those hungry cats and kittens living rent free, oblivious to the issue at hand, expecting dinner on the table.

Combining this with a Brexit backlash causing implications for some suppliers getting their goods over the border, we’re looking at a whole nation of empty bowls and we just can’t let that fly.

Step aside supermarkets, and let the Republic handle this one. You can rely on us when it comes to getting your pet food to your door. We may be small, but we are mighty.

We can confirm we source all of our recipes close to home, not only good for supply, but also keeping that carbon footprint down where it should be. We can safely say cats everywhere will remain fed and content for the foreseeable future if they remain citizens of our fine nation. 
As for ‘Pouchgate’, we say step away from those non-recyclable pouches and become champions of the tin! Demand may be high, but we are well equipped to handle the pressure in the Republic and keep the kibbles flowing.

Lois, reporting from Republic HQ, and confirming we will indeed continue to send all of our cats their super nutritious, tailored recipes every month without fail.

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By Lois Roberts

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