Are cat’s truly the masters of self-care?

We’ve all learnt in recent years that self-care should be one of our top priorities to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

In the 9-5, fast-paced world we’re used to, taking a little time for one’s self can often be overlooked, but self-care is now one of the most talked about topics of the millennial generation, and specifically why we are so bad at it! Why has it become so difficult to stop and give ourselves the care we so deserve?

So this got us thinking about cats, naturally, and whether we could take a leaf or two out their feline books on how to really up our self-care game. They do seem to have it down, and there are plenty of lessons to be learned from our housemates on how to make ourselves a priority – we’re pretty sure they put themselves and their happiness before any of us mere humans.

Let’s start with the most recommended self-care strategy on the list – Meditation

The powers of meditation have really been brought to light in modern times, and how much clarity and success can come from simply stopping and being. We’re almost certain that cats held this secret long before any human discovery. Sure, maybe they’re just snoozing all day everyday, but hear us out, we have a theory our house-tigers have unlocked a meditative state that humans can only dream of. To us, it may simply look like they’ve zoned out staring at that fly on the wall that’s a little too high to reach, but maybe, just maybe, they’re so deep in tranquillity and reflection, they are reaching a whole new level of consciousness guiding them towards an emotionally calm and stable state. A little far-fetched perhaps, and it definitely doesn’t account for all those unprovoked swipes and very ‘non-zen’ smashing of ornaments, but hey, we like to believe we can learn a thing or two by taking a little more cat-naps and time out from our modern world rid our brains of any unwelcome thoughts and give in to our inner cat.

Next on the self-care checklist – Grooming

It’s no secret that cats hold themselves to pretty high standards when it comes to appearances. We’re pretty sure if they were human, they wouldn’t ever be caught with a hair out of place, or secretly wear cosy pyjama bottoms all day every day whilst working from home (neither would we of course….. ) They keep themselves almost impossibly neat, smelling delicious and take a little time out of each day to make sure they are perfectly pampered. Now we’re not suggesting bathing in your own saliva on the daily by any means, but taking time out of your hectic schedule to practise your skincare regime and treat yourself to a candlelit bath once in a while is definitely a good start. Our cats care for their appearance on an almost narcissistic level, but there’s no denying it works. They are STUNNING and we feel like we should put a little more effort into keeping up with the kittens.

What else can we learn from our little furry gurus – A Regular Exercise Regime

Now we’re aware this does drastically differ from cat to cat – you either have a sleeping beauty or a cat that’s rarely home, constantly on the prowl like some sort of long distance champ. But whether it’s marathon missions around the village, or just a ten minute gentle stretch session each morning, all of our cats make time for a little exercise each day and keep themselves loosey-goosey long into their 9 lives.
We couldn’t agree more with their choices. Sitting at a desk working hard each day can leave us unmotivated for fitting in that HIIT session or spin class, but making this part of our routine each week and taking the time to move our bodies can work wonders for both our physical and mental health. We get sweaty cardio isn’t everyone’s vibe, so let’s learn from our four-legged pals again and at least make the time to squeeze in a yoga session here and there, for the body and soul. You’ll be mastering cat/cow in no time, and giving little Simba a run for his money.

Last but not least, the all important Healthy & Balanced Diet

We go above and beyond for our cats when it comes to what we’re feeding them. Most of you will have found yourselves reading this article as your cat is one of the lucky citizens signed up to the Republic, living their best life on calorie controlled portions and recipes that pack a punch, full of all the vitamins and minerals our cats need to thrive in life. And though we put so much thought into our moggy’s diet, we don’t always take as much care when it comes to what we’re feeding ourselves and our own nutrition. With food delivery at the touch of a button these days, it’s very easy to get a little lazy in the kitchen. We think a balanced diet is key, loads of the good stuff with all the colours on our plates, a little treat or two to balance it out, and a whole load of variety so as humans we don’t get bored and revert back to that same old go-to meal that may not be giving us what we need nutritionally. Health is wealth, let’s feed ourselves as well as we feed our cats and we’re sure we’ll feel a difference.

It seems like our cats really have got their self-care on point. Living a full, balanced and healthy lifestyle is essential and with most floofs living long into their teens (essentially our late 80’s) it seems they have got it cracked, and we can take a thing or two from their daily self-loving schedule to improve our own quality of life. We’re not suggesting 16 hours of sleep a day should become a regular habit, but get practicing those morning downward dogs (/cats), exhale that negativity energy, put on that sheet mask, read your favourite book and maybe even go for a zoom around your garden every so often and take some time for yourself. No, our lovely housemates don’t have a full time job to focus on, and live life totally oblivious to the worries of the human world around them, but let’s all take on a little more cattitude and make self-care as much of a priority as our furry friends do.

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By Lois Roberts

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