The Glow Up Series, Episode 8 : The Health Conditions we’re just not ready for yet

So far in the Glow Up Series we’ve discussed Skin & Coat, Teeth & Gums and even Hairballs amongst others, all itches that we can/maybe help scratch in the Republic. We thought it was about time we touched on some of the issues we are not quite yet equipped to handle, and speak about some of the more common health conditions that appear in cats that we just can’t solve.

Two of the top requests we see in the Republic is whether or not we can help cats with Hyperthyroidism and Renal Disease, both pretty common issues that affect our more senior citizens, let’s discuss along with a few others.

So your cat… has Hyperthyroidism

The problem – Hyperthyroidism is quite a common disorder that mainly affects our OAP citizens. It means an increase in the production of thyroid hormones, which affects different parts of the body and can cause secondary problems.

Can we help? – Not this time.

How come? – Our older citizens can develop hyperthyroidism and to manage it, they need a diet that carefully balances iodine. Unfortunately that’s not something we specialise in right now, so the Republic won’t be the right choice for your moggy at the moment.

So your cat… has Kidney Disease

The problem – Renal conditions are more commonly known as Kidney Disease, and the loss of their main filtering function which removes waste products from your cat’s blood.

Can we help? – It’s a no from us.

How come? – Felines who need extra renal help should eat a phosphorus-restricted food. For right now, our feeding plans aren’t kidney condition friendly, but we hope to change this in the future so no cat gets left behind from the Republic.

So your cat… has FLUTD

The problem – This groups all kinds of conditions that our housemates can contract affecting the lower urinary tract such as the bladder or urethra in cats.

Can we help? – Unfortunately no

How come? – Cats with urinary tract conditions need to carefully balance the minerals in their diet to maintain a healthy urine PH, something we don’t specialise in right now. Your vet should be able to point you in the right direction and we wish you and your furry one all the luck from the Republic.

So your cat… has Diabetes

The problem – Controlling your cat’s sugar and insulin levels can prove a very tricky task, one for the professionals and why we don’t recommend the Republic for you and your housemate unfortunately.

Can we help? – Not this time

How come? – Currently we can’t cater for Diabetes due to the carbohydrate levels of our food being higher than we would like for this condition, we wouldn’t be able to control their levels tightly enough so it’s a ‘not yet’ for our diabetic cats right now. Always chat to your vet about your best options, and hopefully the Republic will be able to help further down the line in the future.

If you have any more questions on any of the above health conditions, drop us a message over to [email protected] or visit our exclusive Facebook Community for tonnes of helpful advice from our citizens themselves.

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By Lois Roberts

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