The Glow Up Series, Episode 6 : Can the Republic help with your cat’s Weight loss?

We want our furry pals to live their best life possible, glossy coats and bushy tails, and achieving a healthy weight is all part of this glow up. 

Body positivity is our vibe. Cats of all shapes and sizes are welcomed over our borders to live a long and happy life, no judgement here. 

lazy cat sleeping overweight

But it can’t be ignored that 44% of UK domestic cats are overweight. Such a big number gets us excited to help solve. From the outset, when designing our tailored feeding system, we put weight management for cats front and centre. But why? 

A soft squishy cat makes for a great cuddle/pillow, but it can be a countdown to serious later-life problems. We’ve got to get our favourite snuggle bugs looking like lean machines to avoid problems caused by feline obesity later down the line.

With the right support, cat weight loss is perfectly manageable and we designed ourselves from scratch to help you smash it. From designing them a tailored feeding plan for calorie control, to getting your housemate motivated to hunt, chase and zoom around your living space, we got you. 

It starts with healthy cat food: serving up dinner with the right ingredients in a precise portion for them, we’ll help them achieve their ideal weight, have them thriving and hitting those health (and bod) goals in no time. 

So you’re looking for help with… your cat’s weight loss and diet

The problem – As we mentioned previously, a reported 44% of cats in the UK are overweight. Our snoozy pals love nothing more than to laze in the sun, but a lot of the time over feeding, and low quality food can be the root of the issue.

Can we help? – YES, it’s why we exist.

How? – Tailored feeding makes this easy as pie. Whether it’s maintaining, losing, or even putting on some pounds, the Republic will tailor the perfect portions into your feeding plan for your citizens. This makes these goals super easy to achieve for the cat’s, and the humans that feed them. SIMPLE.


Glow up time? – If you stick to the feeding plan, you could be seeing a difference in just a matter of weeks. Tell-tale signs : you’ll see a little more waist… and they’ll become a little springier in their step. Oh, and the vet will be nicer to you. 

Testimonial – ‘I was worried about the feeding quantity as my cat is very food oriented and needed to lose weight. Nice portion control and I really like the cans instead of pouches.’ Daisy, Ava & Gizmo

If you have any more questions on how we can help with your cat’s weight loss journey, drop us a message over to [email protected] or visit our exclusive Facebook Community for tonnes of helpful advice from our citizens themselves.

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By Lois Roberts

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