The Glow Up Series, Episode 4 : Can the Republic help with your cat’s smelly litter tray?

It was only a matter of time before we had to address the smelly elephant in the room, that weird box in the corner of your lounge that somewhat takes away from your hygge interiors… it’s time to talk about poops! Believe it or not, the Republic can actually work miracles. Our recipes really can help sweeten that stench, don’t believe us? Read on my feline-loving friend…

So you’re looking for help with… pongy poops!

The problem – Pretty self explanatory, if you’ve got a feline who prefers the luxury of doing their business indoors, you’ve definitely suffered the whiffs of the tray once in a while. You may think this comes with the territory but miraculously the Republic has a fix.

Can we help? – You know it!

How? – Our weapon of choice : Chicory! Totally naturally, this superfood is proven to reduce litter box odour, so if you select this as one of your health goals during your sign up quiz, you’re bound to notice the difference and can stop febreezing every inch of your home before the next (post lockdown) dinner party.

Glow up time? – Almost instantly, and that’s from *ahem* personal experience.

Testimonial‘In just a month, his coat is looking healthier and his litter tray visits are looking and smelling better too 💩’ Becky & Salem

If you have any more questions on how we can help with your cat’s smelly poop, drop us a message over to [email protected] or visit our exclusive Facebook Community for tonnes of helpful advice from our citizens themselves.

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By Lois Roberts

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