The Glow Up Series, Episode 2 : How the Republic can help with your cat’s Dental Health

A close second when it comes to hearing from our citizens about certain health conditions is how we keep our fur-potato’s teeth sparkling and get gums to match. Luckily this is just another tick on the list of what our Republic recipes can help with. Ever the champion of the mixed feeding plan, feeding your cat both wet and dry food can really help combat dental dangers and even be kinder on your coins – it’s the most cost effective way of feeding in the Republic. Let’s get into the details…

So you’re looking for help with… Sparkling Teeth and Healthy Gums

The problem – To put it simply, bad breath and plaque build up. The exact same problems us mere humans would suffer if we didn’t look after our teeth and gums. Cats need their teeth cleaned to avoid Periodontal diseases from developing and sometimes even resulting in infection and tooth loss. 

Can we help? – YESSIR

Look at those cronchy, do-good Kibbles in all their glory

How? – The best way to prevent periodontal disease is to brush your cat’s teeth on the daily, however I think I can speak on behalf of just about every human in saying this doesn’t sound too realistic, not with those claws! Our secret weapon: tasty tasty KIBBLES. The act of the crunch can help our little pals remove their plaque build up and keep those fangs healthy. However if you’re brave enough to brush, this will have endless benefits and we salute you. In fact, we’d love to hear from you and get some of your top tips for teeth brushing over on our Facebook Community, if you’d care to share? We’re sure we’ll be bombarded with advice…

Glow up time? – You’ll have to be the judge of this one, we’re sure they’ll be close enough to your face at 6am each day to check out that morning breath.

Good to know – We can even help out those special citizens that may be short on a couple of fangs here and there, there’s always options in the Republic.

TestimonialMy cat struggles to eat the paté style food .. because he has so few teeth it’s more difficult for him to manage. I’ve been able to feedback this problem so the next delivery should be even better tailored to his needs – Stephanie & Her Cat

If you have any more questions on how we can help with your cat’s teeth & gums, drop us a message over to [email protected] or visit our exclusive Facebook Community for tonnes of helpful advice from our citizens themselves.

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By Lois Roberts

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