The Glow Up Series, Episode 1 : How the Republic can help with your cat’s Skin & Coat

One of our most talked about goals is getting that coat looking fresh and keeping your cat’s skin kitten smooth. Can we help with this? OF COURSE.

There are so many benefits within our Republic recipes that boost your cat’s overall glow, but specifically getting that glorious coat on point and making sure your cat’s skin is irritation free and feeling fresh. Better hydration, a boost in essential nutrients and the perfect balance of minerals and vitamins all contribute to the results you’ll see in your cat in just a short space of time.

They really do deserve to be pampered, who says a spa-quality skin care routine is strictly just for the humans? 

So you’re looking for help with… A head turning coat & shining skin

One of our shining examples, Lillie the Bengal – look at her glow!

The problem – A healthy cat should be glowing and glossy, turning all those heads in the cul-de-sac with their shimmering coat. But this isn’t always the case, and some kitties suffer from crusting, itching, scaling, spots, bald patches or inflamed areas of their skin and coat. This could be happening for different reasons, with the most common being skin parasites (such as fleas) and certain allergies, be it environmental or food-based.

Can we help? – YES ma’am

How? – During our online quiz, you can select a shinier coat and less itching as some of your health goals for your cat. We’ll design your cat’s tailored feeding plan to include the right amount of nutrients: a good balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, high quality protein and antioxidants such as Vitamin E to help fight these irritations and leave your cat positively glistening. If your cat is SUPER sensitive, we can work to provide a hypoallergenic diet though this is rarely needed.

Glow up time? – 46% of citizens noticed a shinier coat in just the first month of feeding Republic of Cats.

Testimonial – ‘Happy cat, better skin : Thank you, Republic of Cats! We now have a much happier cat, with better skin (she suffers with terribly itchy skin and this food has really helped). Her coat looks glossy.’ Anna & Tertia

If you have any more questions on how we can help with your cat’s Skin & Coat, drop us a message over to [email protected] or visit our exclusive Facebook Community for tonnes of helpful advice from our citizens themselves.


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By Lois Roberts

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  2. “Who says a spa-quality skin care routine is strictly just for the humans?” Absolutely! My cat has had an ongoing skin issue for most of her life; we couldn’t pinpoint it to anything but suspected a food allergy. A few months after switching to RoC food, her skin has settled down, she sheds less, the fur ball horror is far less frequent as she is not over-grooming herself now and she’s in sleek condition all round. I’ve always maintained that skin health is as much about what you put on your face as well as in it and that works for cats, too!

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