The Glow Up Series : How we help cats live their best lives

Featuring : specific health conditions, allergies and shiny shiny health goals 

Welcome to the Republic’s latest serving of cat content – The Glow Up Series. Citizens everywhere can’t get enough of our recipes, and hearing all of the incredible benefits they’ve seen in just a relatively short space of time is thrilling. 

We wanted to delve a bit deeper into all the ways our tailored cat food can help your housemates, be it a little hairball issue or specific allergies, as well as looking at some of the more serious health conditions that we’re not quite ready for in the Republic. Hopefully one day soon, we’ll be able to cater for all and let every single kitty across our borders.

Every day, we hear from some of our finest citizens about the many different health concerns and conditions our cats are living with and we lay out what the Republic can do to help. We thought it was about time we laid down the law on the health conditions we can and can’t cater for, and how our Republic Recipes can cause some serious glow up for your felines.

Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to cure or treat them all yet, but we’ve designed everything we do here to help your cats thrive through all stages of their lives, and provide a complete, balanced diet proven to improve some of those old age niggles or day to day irritations our cats might encounter.

Enjoy this week-long series where we’ll cover everything from diabetes, renal diseases, joint issues, keeping your cat’s teeth healthy and even smelly poops… enjoy!

Episode 1 – How the Republic can help with your cat’s Skin & Coat
Episode 2 – How the Republic can help with your cat’s Dental Health
Episode 3 – How the Republic can help with your cat’s Hairballs
Episode 4 – How the Republic can help with your cat’s Smelly Poop
Episode 5 – How the Republic can help with your cat’s Joints & Mobility
Episode 6 – How the Republic can help with your cat’s Weight Loss
Episode 7 – Health Conditions: The Maybe’s
Episode 8 – Health Conditions: The ‘Not Yets’



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