Is your cat getting sick of you in lockdown? – Take our Quiz and find out!

This year has been a weird one for everyone to say the least, literally world wide weirdness. The entire planet, all at once, thrust inside our own homes, victim to Zoom meetings and baking banana bread to boost serotonin levels and get us through the locked down days.

A plus, or so we thought, of being confined to our houses day in day out, could only mean more quality time with our favorite felines. But we’re not so sure they agree. Whilst our pets, well cats in our case, have been a source of comfort and light for most humans throughout this pandemic, we’re starting to notice that maybe the cats themselves don’t quite feel the same way. 

Sure, back at the beginning in the good old days of Lockdown 1.0, when the sun was shining and our housemates cherished their extra chin scritches and double dreamies on the daily, everything seemed peachy. But a whole year later, and we’re seeing some tell-tale signs that maybe our fur babies are getting a little ticked off with the constant presence of their humans, ruining their daily routines.

We’ve come up with this short quiz for you to find out whether your cat is getting sick of you in lockdown, just click on the cat to get started – 

The results are in, and although everything points to our little ones being pretty fed up with us mere mortals, can we really say that’s any different to life before corona? 

Their nonchalant attitudes and general demeanour always seems a little unimpressed with our human habits, they are weird and wonderful and set in their ways, who are we to interrupt their daily routine for a government ordered quarantine? 

Thanks for taking our quiz, be sure to share it with your friends and let us know your results!

Fine day,

Lois & Rue (who is most definitely fed up of me)

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