Citizens and their Mealtimes – How do you feed yours?

Now we’ve been exporting our tasty shipments from the Republic for some time now, we feel we can safely back up our hypothesis that no two cats are the same, especially when it comes to eating habits. Not even close! 

Our friendly felines have such huge individuality, it’s why we love (and also occasionally loathe) their unpredictable, unique personalities and habits, and the whole reason we tailor each and every box we send to your door. One size most definitely does not fit all in the wonderful world of cats.


We thought we’d delve a little deeper into this and find out exactly how different some of our citizens really are, quirks and all. It seems like the floofs very much have us mere humans wrapped around their little toe beans when it comes to mealtimes. We like to think we decide as and when it’s time to serve their royal recipes, but my 6am cat-shaped furry alarm clock tells me otherwise. Every. Single. Morning.

Are there really any rules when it comes to mealtimes? Are your little lions daily grazers, suckers for a strict routine or scoff it down in one sitting kinds of kittens, we were dying to know. There are so many questions. Some cats prefer the finest of China imported from the Ming Dynasty, where others will literally eat out of the tin.  Some cats are strictly dry guys, others crave the lappings of gravy they get from their wet food (hear hear) and some opt for a bit of both. Their little personalities and preferences can often make it feel like you’re PA to one of the fattest cats in the city, trust us we know the feeling. We decided to reach out to some of our most loyal citizens and find out how you feed yours?!


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