Building the most sustainable cat food company on earth

When we started Republic of Cats, we were on a mission to make every day of your cat’s life better than the last, with endless recipe choices and a new path to prowl towards ultimate health.

Our Pledge:

Become the first fully sustainable cat food company.


We followed in Greta’s great footsteps, and designed every angle of our business to have absolute confidence that we’re doing the right things to repair our beautiful motherland. A small step for each cat, a great leap for catkind (and sustainable pet food).


Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

Starting with the good stuff, the reason you’re all here, our delicious recipes. It’s true – humans like a particular cut o’ this, or slice o’ that. Our priorities are this : (1) ingredients that pack maximum nutritional punch, (2) that cats go wild for, (3) in a way that does right by the planet. Humans actually reject the most nutritious, delicious parts which would otherwise go to waste, but we’re more than happy to snap them up. Fun fact – kidneys and livers can contain up to ten times more vitamin B2 than lean meat (that’s what we mean by derivatives). 

We also source all of our ingredients close to home, to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Everything going into your little pal’s box is sourced and made in the UK and the EU, deal or no deal…



100% Recyclable Cat Food Packaging

Speaking of boxes brings us on to our pretty packaging. As well as being completely adorable and personalised to each and every citizen, everything that arrives at your door is 100% recyclable – what a winner! From the bag your dry food arrives in, to last month’s feeding plan, everything is happy in the recycling. It’s even the reason we opted for the cute cans for our wet food recipes – a little rinse and you’re good to go. Long live the tin, down with those supermarket cat food pouches.


Perfectly Portioned Meals = Less Waste

Let’s not forget the fact all of the boxes we paw-pick and send from our fair shores are personalised to your tiny tiger. What’s this got to do with sustainability I hear you chime? Well, personalised portions means a whole lot less waste heading for your bins. No more days-old kibble or dried-out chunks in the bowl, yay! 

If you follow our feeding plan, expertly tailored by our resident Cat Nutritionist, you literally can’t go wrong. Your cat should be totally satisfied, belly full and napping by the fireside with a clear environmental conscience (if they even have a conscience… *googles ‘do cats have a conscience?’*) knowing that their human won’t be scraping those unwanted leftovers into the trash. If your pal is peckish, we can up the quantities to get it just right – we’re on email and WhatsApp at any time.



No Journey Wasted: How We Get to Your Door

When packing up each day’s exports and sending them from our fine nation, we make sure there’s not an inch of space left in the van, so that we’re not wasting a single journey to their final destination. It’s like a daily game of giant tetris. That does mean that on occasion, you’ll receive boxes separately, for example, if you’re lucky enough to have more than one cat residing with you. Our humans at Yodel are always passing your door, so rest assured no journey is wasted.

We also hold all of our suppliers to account on setting and hitting their environmental commitments – with Yodel investing £15 million in a greener fleet, we can’t wait to deliver your food by drone some time soon.*

We all need to do our part and be a bit more Attenborough – “It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.” If everyone does even just a little bit, it can lead to great change and keep our Republic, and more importantly, the Planet, glorious.

To sign up to the Republic and try our Taster Box – 28 meals for just £5 – click here

By Lois Roberts

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  1. I tstick to the feeding plan but the last two boxes the tins have not lasted till my next delivery I seem to be about a week short !!

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